A suburban housewife falls prey to her seductive neighbor.
Published on February 19, 2019
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Emily rocked on her feet, panting in near-orgasm at the foot of her neighbor’s bed. Her voice was a husky, wanton sound that seemed out of place in Mae’s oddly conventional bedroom. Odd in the sense that the room didn’t divulge the dark, twisted things hiding in Mae’s imagination…or her closest.

The Emily that had entered Mae’s home knew the other woman was seductive and just dangerous enough to seem beguiling. By the time she’d sensed the cunning predator within her, Emily was too horny for Mae to escape. The Emily that eventually left her neighbor’s home would be too addicted to Mae to ever judge her in those terms again.   

That Emily would eagerly obey her Mistress and think only the thoughts Mae had programmed her with.

I’m going to be Mae’s lesbian slave.

Just thinking it sent erotic heat surging through her nipples. An echo of the blistering pleasure she’d experienced while she’d repeated the phrase over and over in Mae’s bed earlier. The other woman had directed Emily to chant while Mae went to work between her legs with fingers and the Hitachi.

Emily had obediently recited the mantra while Mae fucked her brains out. Now the idea was seared into her mind. Permanently bound to her swollen pleasure center. Thinking it made her horny. Believing it made her leak.

Their tryst in Mae’s home had seemed like a kinky, harmless game at first. One of the things Emily had since learned was that Mae’s games were always kinky but far from harmless.

Especially to Emily’s marriage.

Tom wasn’t even supposed to go to the annual sales conference. He’d felt like staying home this year and there were several projects around the house they’d planned to tackle. But things had changed after the Halloween party.

Mae had been living across and over from Tom and Emily since the summer but they’d never done more than wave. Being the neighborly neighbors they were though, Emily had insisted they at least drop an invitation in her mail box as a courtesy.

Emily and Tom’s annual costume party had never quite crossed the threshold into ‘orgy’ but it had firmly found its footing somewhere in the vicinity of ‘erotically charged.’ Most everyone who attended drank, danced, got horny and then raced home to have the best sex of that year.

Though, on occasion, the upstairs bedroom and the hot tub had played host to couples and groups that simply couldn’t wait that long…or who didn’t mind being watched. And, it was definitely the sort of party for people who liked to be watched. People, it turned out, like Mae.

Mae’s painstakingly screen-accurate Lee Meriwether Catwoman costume was the hit of the evening. She’d arrived solo and fashionably late. If she didn’t feel like leaving solo, she’d have her pick of the field; man or woman. But, their neighbor spent the evening dancing with Emily and Tom exclusively. The flirtatious jokes and sexual innuendo quickly gave way to furtive touching and soon enough their three writhing bodies moved to the beat as one.

As the second round of wine gave way to the third, Mae began showing off inventive ways of coiling up Emily in her bullwhip. Mae would wrap the leather around Emily’s waist or neck then pull her in for an all-too-brief kiss before loosening the whip and starting again. Emily was sandwiched between Tom and Mae, her ass dancing against his throbbing cock while he watched his wife make out with their neighbor. She couldn’t remember him ever being so hard.

“What do you think Tom?!” Mae shouted over the music, “Next year we get Emily a vintage Batgirl costume? Its puuuuufectly delightful to turn a good girl bad!” She leaned close enough for only Emily to hear as she whispered, “And I know you’d like to be bad for me, wouldn’t you Emily?” Mae squeezed Emily’s breasts in her gloved hands, dragging her cat claws across the stiff nipples and eliciting a moan from the other woman.

Tom’s hand slipped between him and Emily and started rubbing his cock through his pants. Before Emily could push his hand away and replace it with her own, Mae slipped both hands into hers, intertwined their fingers and raised Emily’s arms above her head.

Mae nuzzled her neck and hissed “Girls-only secret Emily…”

Emily was about to ask her what that meant when Mae slipped her right leg past the short hem of Emily’s red, Kelvin Timeline Starfleet dress and began rubbing Emily through her panties. Emily’s breath caught and her eyes went glassy. Mae grinned with her mouth open.

Emily and Tom hadn’t discussed any ground rules for themselves in this situation. Most of the guests were couples and it just hadn’t occurred to them they might find themselves the object of a unicorn’s attention. Emily felt the passage of some murky threshold. It was behind her and already receding in the wake of this new game she and Mae were playing amidst their three-way frolicking.

Telling Tom wouldn’t necessarily have to be awkward. She could easily pull his head close and whisper ‘Look what she’s doing between my legs’ or some such. Reveal it to him and let him enjoy the sight of it as much as Emily was enjoying the feel of it.

But it was a secret, wasn’t it? Just for her and Mae to enjoy. And oooooooh was Emily enjoying it. Adrenaline pounded behind her ears and down the back of her neck. Tangy fear and sweet arousal mixed in her bloodstream, melted her knees and soaked her pussy.

Emily wrapped her arms around Mae’s neck to conceal themselves from Tom’s higher vantage. Then she pulled Mae close and kissed her hard, rocking her sex forward and back across Mae’s taught thigh. Tom groaned helplessly as he felt Emily’s ass suddenly begin bobbing up and down across his throbbing shaft.

Mae broke off the kiss and stared at Emily with enough intensity to ignite kindling. Her hands worked up Emily’s chest and began pulling at Emily’s nipples with her gloved fingers over and over again, matching their accelerating tempo. Emily held her gaze, kept fucking Mae and let her husband pretend her savage thrusts were meant for him.

Just then, there was a short series of thumps followed by a loud splash and uproarious laughter from the patio.

“Tom!” Tanya called out over the heads of the onlookers, “Do you have any towels?”

Tom growled in frustration, dry humping Emily’s ass futilely. “Be right back,” he croaked before breaking off to deal with whatever had just happened.

“Hurry back!“ Mae called after him. “Unless you trust your wife alone with me!” She added, giggling mischievously.

Emily watched him go before Mae’s gloved hand took hold of her chin and drew her gaze back to the other woman. Mae’s eyes burned with bottomless hunger behind the cat mask.

Emily’s mouth was dry. “Mae…we’ve always had a ‘No Threesomes’ policy but… I think if I talked to him-” Mae pressed her finger to Emily’s lips and she moaned around the digit, wondering what the gloves (and the claws) would feel like on her inner thighs.

Mae leaned close and purred, “I’ve got another secret for you Emily.” Mae took her by the hips with both hands and began forcibly grinding Emily’s mound against her leg.

Emily groaned, gripping Mae’s shoulders to keep herself upright. “W-what’s…” she struggled to remain coherent with the warm, syrupy ache building between her legs, “…what’s the secret?”

“I have exactly zero interest in your husband.” Mae whispered hotly, increasing the tempo.

Emily bit her lower lip to hold in her cry as she held on weakly and let Mae fuck her in the middle of the crowded living room. The pleasure built and built, growing more delicious with each glorious thrust back and-

Mae suddenly froze, her body going tense. Emily whimpered with need. “Please…” she whispered, “…don’t stop.” Mae withdrew her leg and Emily’s sex yearned for the warm, smooth fabric and the friction that came with it. She opened her eyes to find Mae’s gaze locked somewhere behind and to her left.

Tom was back.

“Remember, girls-only secret.” Mae said before fixing a wicked smile on her face and turning to Tom. “There he is!” She shouted gleefully.

Tom’s hands wrapped around Emily’s waist and pushed the lump of his cock into her ass, eager to pick up where they’d left of. “What’d I miss?” He asked, nibbling on Emily’s ear. She moaned and pressed back into him frantically.

“Oh not much.” Mae answered for her. “Just a little of this.” Mae took Emily’s face in her hands and pulled her into a long, sensuous open mouth kiss. Their tongues twirled around each other as their soft lips met again and again and again. Emily felt molten lust churning between her trembling thighs.

“Ohmygawd.” Tom croaked under his breath, doing all he could to fuck her through their clothes. “We’ll be right back.” He husked, suddenly pulling Emily away.

She glanced back as Tom steered them towards the garage. Mae was dancing with her hands over her head. There was an obvious damp spot on top of her right thigh.

Things were a bit of a blur after that. Between frantic kisses, Tom asked if Emily wanted to invite Mae into their bed. He offered to let the two women keep playing if he could watch. He promised he’d only have sex with Emily. He promised being with Mae wouldn’t change anything in their relationship.

Emily couldn’t bring herself to tell him how certain she felt that wasn’t true. She let him continue ravishing her neck as her pulse thundered in her head and between her thighs. “Yes,” she finally moaned, “let’s ask her.”

When they returned, Mae was gone.

Asking around revealed that she’d suddenly become falling down drunk and had asked a blonde dressed as as sexy judge (complete with white knee-high stockings) to help her get back across the street to her own house.

Emily’s heart sank. She turned to her husband. Tom’s cock was straining against the pants of his State Trooper costume.

“Upstairs?” He asked, taking her hand.

“Yes. Upstairs.” She replied, letting him lead them away from their own party.

Moments later they were frantically pulling off each other’s costumes in the master bedroom. She’d tried to suck his cock but Tom wouldn’t let her, pulling her off her knees and steering them to the bed. He didn’t need it anyway, Emily’s pussy was a river between her thighs.

She rolled onto hands and knees and beckoned him to take her from behind. He slid into her easily and began thrusting frantically as they both grunted and moaned.

Emily clenched her eyes shut and pictured Mae -wearing nothing but the mask, opera gloves and high heel boots from her costume- fucking her with the handle of her bullwhip, now a thick, black dildo. Emily imagined Mae’s smokey voice taunting her. Humiliating her over how easily she could pull the orgasms from Emily’s pussy.

Emily came four times before Tom finally lost control and exploded inside her.

Later, as Tom snored quietly, Emily lay awake feeling anxious and jealous. She slipped her phone from the charger and sent a message to Mae.

Did you get home okay? I was worried about you.

Mae replied almost instantly.

Of course. Funny, I felt fine once I got back 😉

Emily frowned.

Okay, that’s good. I’ll let you get back. I don’t want to bother you if you still have company.

Nothing to worry about *giggles* She was a juicy morsel but I said goodnight to her in the driveway. Just been organizing my closet.

Emily let go of a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding onto.

Sorry, I didn’t want to pry. I wouldn’t blame you for having some fun. More fun than your closet anyway 😉

Oh my closet is full of fun things. You should come over and see it. Soon.

Emily began to tease her sex with one hand while she typed with the other.

Yes I want to. Maybe when I come we could talk?

Is talking what you really want to do Emily?

I want to talk about the secret you shared with me.

Mmmmm. Might be a long conversation. Better to do it on a day when Tom is busy with something else. Wouldn’t want him to miss you. Don’t you agree?

Yes Mae

That’s what I like to hear. You let me know when.

Emily put the phone back and looked at her husband sleeping beside her. The man she loved and vowed to cherish. She’d regret cheating on him but not as much as she’d regret never finishing what she and Mae had started.

She rolled over and slipped a hand between her legs and played with her purring sex until she slipped into sleep.

A couple days later Emily and Tom received a handwritten card from Mae. She thanked them for inviting her to the party and apologized for getting so drunk and embarrassing herself with the two of them. She hoped it hadn’t made things awkward for either of them and that she still considered them friends.

Tom had been relieved. Over dinner that night he confessed that he probably would have regretted it if they had shared their bed with another person. Emily agreed it was probably for the best it hadn’t happened but they could enjoy the memory and the fun afterwards.

That seemed to be exactly what he wanted to hear.

She waited until the following weekend before she began suggesting to Tom that showing up at the annual sales conference might show just the sort of initiative the execs would be looking for when they started looking at who to promote next.

He came around quickly.

The day he flew out, they’d woken up early together. Tom’s flight out was a little after 7am so once he kissed her goodbye and got in the car, Emily had nothing to do but sit in their empty house and wait for Mae to wake up.

She put on a playlist she’d assembled of smooth, sex-tempo club tracks sung by husky-voiced women. With the music pouring out of the speaker they kept in the bedroom, Emily passed the time trying on different lingerie sets and teasing her nipples. She kept her sexual buzz on a low simmer while replaying the Halloween party over and over in her head and picking out something to wear.

She decided on something bold. There was no telling how long she’ be wearing it. No sense in being subtle. She settled on the red bra and panty set with black lace trim and black stockings. She’d already laid out a simple dress that came off with little effort and contrasted sharply with what she’d be sporting underneath.

Emily imagined the look in Mae’s eyes as she undressed herself for the first time. With a swell of sexual heat, Emily realized that doing something for the first time implied an intent to do it again. Her hands glided over the soft lace covering her pussy and she let herself admit that if fooling around with Mae behind Tom’s back turned her on this much every time, she’d definitely be doing it again.

The secrecy of it all was the most thrilling. Emily imagined summer barbecues where she and Mae traded knowing looks and subtle innuendo before sneaking off to ravish each other. Maybe she’d push Tom to join a bowling league or start hosting a guys-night-in to keep him occupied a few nights a week. She understood, even now, how people got addicted to cheating.

Mae finally messaged her just before noon.

Come to the front door

Emily stepped onto the porch and stared across the avenue at Mae’s house. In just a few short steps her life was going to change forever. The butterfly tingle in her stomach made her hesitate. The tingle a bit lower made her start walking.

Emily crossed the street with nothing but her phone, waving to the few cars that passed on the short walk to Mae’s home. She took a breath and rang the doorbell. Emily stole one last look over her shoulder, just to check if anyone was outside to see her entering Mae’s home. She turned at the sound of the lock clicking. The door opened and Emily’s smile and neighborly greeting died on her lips.

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Mae answered the door wearing nothing but black high heels and a purple strapon jutting proudly from a leather harness with metal O-rings set in the wide straps. Her breasts were perfect, apple-sized mounds topped with dark, perky nipples. Not hurrying at all, she reached out and took Emily’s hand.

“Come in little housewife,” she purred as she led Emily inside.

Emily lost her clothes even faster than she’d anticipated. She found herself bent over one of the bar stools in Mae’s kitchen grunting like an animal as Mae filled her with the thick, glorious cock. “Ohmygod you’re gonna make me cum so quick!” she groaned.

Her eyes flicked across the counter and registered, distantly, that Mae had been up for some time. Long enough to have had coffee and breakfast and sort out her mail. She’d made Emily wait for it. Knowing the anticipation would melt her like no other foreplay could.

She plays with me better than I play with myself!

Emily’s legs began to tremble beneath her. There was a sudden surge of heat in Emily’s pussy and it pushed her towards the crest of a fierce orgasm. She growled as Mae kept pumping her from behind in the most perfect rhythm.

Then, she could hold out no more. She grabbed the counter and braced herself, hoping she wouldn’t convulse right off the stool. It felt sooooo perfect. It felt-

Mae pulled the strapon out of her with one fluid motion and sternly commanded, “Not yet.”

Emily’s wail bounced off the quartz counter top and reverberated for several long seconds in the large space. Her hips shook violently and thrust down in vain several times, searching for the cock that Mae kept just out of her reach.

She whimpered as Mae’s hands glided over her slick back. Mae rocked her hips and the head of the strap on slapped gently against Emily’s puffy sex lips. “We’re only getting started and I don’t want you to cum just yet.”

“Yes Mae.” Emily moaned pitifully, her hips still rocking involuntarily.

“Mmmmm. That’s what I like to hear.” Mae purred. Then, she took Emily by the wrist and led her upstairs.

Mae had bound Emily spread eagle to the bed and covered her body in warm oil. Slowly, methodically, she’d driven Emily insane with desire. Hands and lips to arouse her nipples. Soft kisses and probing thumbs across her inner thighs. Warm breath and the lightest of licks over her molten, quivering pussy.

Mae had edged her for hours. Emily was half delirious, panting and begging for orgasm as Mae expertly ramped the pleasure up, took Emily to the very precipice… and denied her yet again. Mae had manipulated Emily’s erogenous zones until her entire body was clenching and thrusting in lust.

And then Mae had announced they were going to play ‘Interrogation.’ The rules were simple: Emily had to answer each question and she had to use Mae’s name when she did. Each answer was rewarded with a few glorious seconds of a high-speed Hitachi wand being pressed into her folds.

It was never enough to cum, just enough to purée Emily’s thoughts into a juicy froth of sexual delirium. It was better than orgasm. Mind melting pleasure without end…so long as she answered Mae’s questions.

In time, the answers all become the same:

“Are you glad you tricked Tom into leaving you alone with me this week?”

“Yes Mae.”

“I haven’t let you cum once, but what we’ve done this afternoon is already better than any sex you’ve ever had with him.”

“Yes Mae.”

“Have I ruined sex with your husband for you?”

“Yes Mae.”

“Does that turn you on?”

“Yes Mae.”

“You’re going to be a girls-only slut for me aren’t you?”

“Yes Mae!”

She repeated the two words over and over until they were the only thing left in her mind. That and the white hot, searing pleasure. In time, they became the same thing. She breathlessly whispered, “Yes Mae” and felt a feather-light phantom touch circle her clit in response.

She trained me to masturbate without touching myself. Trained me. Like an animal.

Emily groaned, eyes rolling up in her head at the savage, wrongness of it. She wondered if Mae had a dog collar to match her strap on. Wide, thick black leather with an O-ring set in the middle. She could be Mae’s bitch-in-heat. She’d be a very well-trained bitch too. Especially with her tongue.

She could just chant ‘Yes Mae’ between every lick and get them both off.

Emily’s phone rang from Mae’s nightstand. Of course, it was Tom. Mae stretched across Emily’s body and scooped it up. Looking at the call screen, Mae smiled mischievously and switched the phone to silent. The shrill ring tone was replaced with a deep, alluring buzz.

“Did you want to take this?” Mae asked casually.

Emily nodded, pulling at the ropes binding her hands to the headboard. “Yes Mae.” Her breath caught as her body twitched with the spike of pleasure. “He usually calls me during the layover to-”

Emily shrieked as Mae pressed the vibrating phone directly into her throbbing clit. The other woman watched her with an odd little smile as Emily’s eyes rolled up in her head. The bed frame creaked loudly as her body strained in the ropes.

“Should we just let this go to voicemail?” Mae asked.

“YES MAE!” Emily wailed, twisting in the ropes and humping her phone. Her aching pussy began to sizzle. The wave of the oncoming orgasm stood as high as a skyscraper and Emily knew she couldn’t escape it. She wondered if it might be powerful enough to kill her.

Emily’s eyes went wide, her teeth clenched, and she pushed her knees as far apart as she could as-

The phone stopped ringing halfway through the fifth ring and Mae pulled it quickly away.

Emily howled and thrashed in agony. Humping the air wildly, hissing, “Yes Mae, yes Mae, yesMaeyesMaeyesMaeyesMaeyesMae!” Over and over again she chanted, trying in vain to push herself over the edge. It occurred to Emily that Mae wouldn’t let her make herself cum. Mae would’ve kept that power for herself alone.

Mae giggled and made comforting sounds to her as the phone chirped that she’d missed a call. “Think he’ll call back?” She asked.

“Yes Mae.” Emily panted, her hips rolling savagely in the bed sheets as she tried to tempt Mae’s fingers into finishing her off. “We always talk between flights when he travels.”

Mae nodded. “He’ll probably get suspicious if you don’t answer then.”

He’ll probably be more suspicious about why I’m out of breath, she thought.

“Yes Mae.”

“Okay then.” Mae said, sitting up on the bed and pressing the phone into Emily’s hand. “I’ll let you talk to him.”

“Yes Mae.”

Mae flipped on the Hitachi and pressed it to Emily’s sex. Her lower lips shuddered and spasmed around the vibrating toy. Emily groaned as the sickly, erotic heat began to build instantly. She could feel her pulse in her ears as pleasure thundered through her, redoubling the intensity with every beat of her heart.

In seconds she was racing towards the edge of the cliff again.

“Or…” the other woman said, her eyes turning dark, “…you can hang up on him and I’ll make you cum.”

Wait, what?

“Yessss Mae.” Emily whispered seductively.

Dominoes fell in her mind. If she didn’t answer that would be a break in their routine. Tom would worry. Tom always worried when he traveled. His anxiety would lead him to imagine all manner of worst-case-scenarios for why his wife wasn’t answering the phone.

He’d never imagine this.

Or would he?

Would Tom’s anxiety lead him to rethink the events of the past several weeks? Would he figure it out? Would he imagine Emily bound, nude and oiled, to Mae’s bed? Writhing in the cuffs and masturbating by merely speaking their pretty neighbor’s name?

“You can’t let it ring through to voicemail this time.” Mae cooed.

Hold on, what the fuck was she saying?

“Yes Mae!”

“He has to know you’ve hung up on him.” Mae was watching her closely.

No! Fuck no! He might turn right around and fly back!

“Yes Mae!”

Mae smiled, seeming very happy about something. “You’re resisting aren’t you?”

Sure, but you don’t need to know that!

“Yes Mae.”

Mae’s grin widened. “You’re going to do it anyway, aren’t you?”

I don’t feel like getting caught the very first time thank-you-very-much.

“Yes Mae!”

“Because doing what I want makes you feel soooo fucking good!”

Hold on, what am I saying?

“Yesssss Mae!”

Through the lust-haze, Emily saw clearly what Mae had been doing to her. She hadn’t spent the afternoon in kinky exploration with her lesbian neighbor after all. The repeated phrases, the constant tease and denial of her sex…Mae was conditioning her. She was programming Emily through her pussy (ohgodyes).

Now, she was going to train Emily to ignore her husband…and love it.

It sounded insane.

Insanely hot.

Did Emily want that? She knew being with Mae meant cheating on him but did she-

The phone buzzed in her hand. Tom’s picture smiled at her from the screen. She looked down her body at Mae, holding the Hitachi to Emily’s clit in one hand and savagely tugging at her own breast with the other.

Emily hit ‘decline’ before the first ring could finish. Then, her eyes rolled up into her head as Mae frantically rubbed the ball of the sex toy into her cunt and obliterated Emily’s mind.

When Emily came back to awareness, she was sitting up in the bed with Mae pressed in close behind her. Emily’s hands had been retied to her outer thighs. The ropes pulled her legs wide and gave Mae ready access to her sex.

Mae’s left hand held the Hitachi to Emily’s throbbing folds, while her right masturbated Emily’s pussy from the inside.

Lesbian porn was playing on the TV. Not just one. Many scenes. Many women. The montage rolled by, each scene jump cutting to the next in an endless collage of sapphic lust. Through it all, a undulating spiral twisted and writhed on the screen. Emily’s eyes felt dry as she watched it without blinking.

Emily realized her lips were moving. Reciting something over and over. Not the obligatory “Yes Mae,” she’d been drilling into her head all day. Something new.

It was so hard to focus. Her own voice sounded so much further away, and far less important, than Mae’s savage whispers in her ear. Her sluggish mind couldn’t focus on that either though. Her thoughts were quiet in her head. As if she simply couldn’t think of anything to think about what was happening to her.

What is- happening to me?

Even as she tried to hold on to the thread, she felt the thoughts slipping from her grasp. Her thoughts weren’t important. Keeping her mind blank and open to Mae’s commands was all that mattered.

It was like hearing a conversation from another room. Mae’s voice, firm and commanding; her own, quiet and passive. Emily could feel them though, inside her head. Mae’s words penetrating her thoughts. Tenderizing the slick ridges of her brain the same way her hands were doing between Emily’s legs.

Mae stopped whispering a moment and nibbled on Emily’s neck, teasing the flesh there with lips and teeth. It gave Emily a moment to hear herself. To hear the mantra she’d been repeating with every exhale.

“I’m going to be Mae’s lesbian slave.”

Emily whined and pulled at the ropes, unsure herself if it was from fear or need. Then, Mae resumed whispering. Luring Emily’s waking mind far away while the indoctrination hammered away at her defenseless subconscious.

Emily rode the edge of orgasm and kept chanting.

That had been hours ago. Maybe yesterday. The black-out curtains in Mae’s bedroom made it impossible to gauge the time but it could’ve been after midnight already. Emily was certain that Mae had planned it that way. Dulling her sense of time would only enhance the mind fuck Mae had put her though. Was still putting her through.

At some point they’d stopped and Mae had cuffed Emily’s hands behind her back with leather straps then led her to the restroom. Mae let Emily use the toilet while she’d prepared for bed. Emily couldn’t imagine falling asleep with her arms bound under normal circumstances but her body, and moreover her mind, felt deeply and profoundly exhausted.

She would be asleep in minutes.

They returned to the bedroom and Mae went to her closet and pushed the doors wide. Inside was an arsenal of sex devices. Mae had a vast collection of leather and chrome objects: straps, buckles, cuffs and masks. Emily saw whips and paddles. Dildos of every size, shape, and color imaginable. Electronic boxes. Headphones and visors.

Exhausted though she was, Emily’s mind registered that Mae had been wise not to reveal it when Emily had first arrived. It might’ve frightened her off. Whereas now…

Now it was far, far too late.

Mae returned with a leather harness that she belted around Emily’s waist. She drew a pair of hanging straps down between Emily’s legs, pulled them tight across either side of her sex lips, then back up over the cheeks of her ass and secured them to the rear of the belt.

Emily’s dulled mind struggled to grasp the purpose of the contraption until Mae stepped back into her field of view carrying the Hitachi. Working quickly, Mae secured the sex wand into the harness which, in turn, kept it pressed firmly into Emily’s mound.

On the nightstand, Emily’s phone chirped as a new text message arrived. Mae unlocked the phone and read it. Emily had confessed her pass code earlier and been rewarded with a finger in her ass.

“Do you have a pet name for your husband?” Mae asked.

“Yes Mae. I call him ‘honey bear.’” Emily shivered, her mind replaying some of the more depraved acts in Mae’s home to reward her obedience with even more addictive pleasure.

“Mmmm” Mae murmured as she typed away on the phone. “Does this read right?” She asked, holding up the phone for Emily to see.

Hi honey bear. Sorry I missed your calls. Everything’s fine. I left my phone at home and I just got back from spending the day at Mae’s house. Sorry to make you worry. We’re going out shopping tomorrow so if I miss you I’ll try to call you back tomorrow night or the following morning. Enjoy the conference!

Mae turned the screen back. “Then I’ve added a heart emoji. Does this sound like a message you’d send?”

“Yes Mae.” Emily panted as she helped seal her fate.

Mae fired off the message and returned the phone to the night stand. She flicked the Hitachi’s switch to the low setting and the vibrator purred to life between Emily’s quivering legs. Then, she turned on the TV playing the subliminal lesbian porn.

Mae kissed her deeply, “Good night love. Let the lessons soak into your mind for me. I need to rest.”

Emily’s eyes flicked back and forth between Mae’s and the seductive imagery playing across the television. “Don’t…don’t I need to rest too, Mae?”

Mae smiled and shook her head. “No pet. Depriving you of sleep will soften up your mind for tomorrow’s training. Make it easier to break your resistance.”

Emily shook her head, her eyes now locked on the grinding, thrusting, cumming women on the screen. “But- I don’t want to resist, Mae.”

She smiled and tweaked a nipple. “You will soon my love. You’re indifferent about your enslavement for now. But we’ve mostly been amplifying your submissive feelings and desire for girl-sex.”

Mae stared deep into her eyes. “Tomorrow I’m going to start severing the bonds to your old life. Erasing your love for Tom. We have to get you ready for that. So you can help me break your will and take over your mind completely.”

Emily’s thoughts raced through the implications and consequences Mae’s words stirred in her mind.

Its really happening. Mae is brainwashing me. Tom doesn’t know. He can’t help. And I don’t even-

“Yes Mae.”

Mae kissed her again and climbed into bed, leaving Emily to stand and be programmed throughout the night.

Emily thought about her husband. Tom would be home at the end of the week. By then, his wife would belong to their pretty neighbor. Emily wondered if she’d remember his name the next time she saw him.

“You have permission to cum pet.” Mae said as she yawned. Then, she rolled over and pulled the blanket over her head.

Emily’s breath caught as she began humping the vibrator and fell eagerly into the vortex whirling within the TV.

“Yes Mae.” Emily husked.

Director's Commentary

Although it didn’t start out this way, as the writing for this manip evolved I realized that I was basically putting my own spin on Tabico’s legendary Lord May. So much so, that I went ahead an stole borrowed her character names.

My effort attempts to distinguish itself in that it takes place from the wife’s perspective. Make no mistake Tabico did it better. Way better. That story is one of my absolute favorites of her’s or anyone’s.


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