A woman is concerned after her reporter-friend goes undercover and then fails to check in.
Published on December 30, 2016
 - Featuring Randy Moore

Randy screamed into the gag and lurched in her chair as Christina strode to the small table next to the door and began clicking away on a laptop. She struggled in the ropes and tried to speak but it came out as muffled vowels and spittle. With the powerful vibrator buzzing between her legs, whatever she was trying to say wouldn’t have been very intelligible anyway. She pleaded with her eyes but her friend wasn’t paying attention.

Christina’s eyes were dull and totally fixated on the laptop’s flickering screen. She scarcely blinked but Randy could hear her fingers typing away at speeds that testified to her profession. Randy moaned as the vibrator secured to the chair nibbled on her clit through her her panties. She was terrifically wet and not quite sure why. The elaborate latex harness Christina wore would be enough to get anyone a bit squishy. But, Randy suspected the injection and the headphones she’d been wearing when she woke up were the more likely culprits.

Randy clenched hard in the chair, riding the edge of an orgasm that promised to be a whopper. She hardly moved an inch and realized just how good Christina’s rope work was. Christina set aside the laptop and switched on the large TV in the otherwise empty room. It was playing the same ‘mission statement’ corporate video that was looping on every screen throughout the sprawling campus of the Impero Research Institute.

As one of Christina’s failsafes, Randy was accustomed to occasionally doing odd things for her reporter friend. Hold onto this folder until the 13th of next month; send me a text message a precisely 9:47pm tonight; call the police if I don’t tweet an “all clear” code by Thursday morning.

This time was no different. Christina simply said she was going to try and infiltrate some evil company and that if Randy didn’t get an all clear text by the weekend, she should start making phone calls. It was strange for Randy. It took her almost two hours of checking her signal strength and asking friends to send her test messages before she finally admitted that something had happened to Christina.

During the drive to Christina’s apartment, Randy debated just calling the police with the information she had. If something had happened to her friend, there might be a risk in going there. On the other hand, the first question the cops were going to ask is whether Randy had dropped by to see if she was home. How seriously were they going to take her if she hadn’t even bothered to check?

Christina answered on the second knock. Randy stood there with her mouth open not sure what to make of her friend coming to the door like nothing had happened.

Christina seemed tired. She explained she’d hardly slept for a few days. She apologized for missing the check in, thanked Randy for her concern, and said she needed to get some rest. Randy was having none of it, she insisted on coming in and making sure everything was okay. Christina clearly didn’t want to let her in but eventually caved.

It looked like Christina was raiding her own files. From the kitchen, Randy could see that every drawer in Christina’s office was open and she’d compiled a large stack of folders on her dining room table. “Is this for the story you’re working on?” Christina was locking the front door, “Yes. I must gather all my research.” Randy noticed that Christina hadn’t bothered to gather the small pile of mail from the foyer, “Why? Is your editor asking for-“

The question died on her lips as another woman stepped into the room from Christina’s office. She was older, but strikingly beautiful. The lines at her eyes and mouth conveyed wisdom more than age.

Randy was about to introduce herself when she noticed the woman was holding a syringe. Her eyes found it just as Christina grabbed her from behind. Randy was almost too surprised to struggle when she felt a pinch in her thigh. The woman smiled just a little as Randy’s vision went black.

Randy quaked in the chair but the ropes held her firm. Christina tapped a key on the laptop and the Impero propaganda vid was replaced by a thick, twisting spiral against a pale green abyss. A deep throbbing sound filled the room. It made Randy feel instantly sluggish, like someone was massaging her brain and whispering it would be alright if she wanted to drift to sleep while they pressed and manipulated the pink, glistening, folds of her mind.

It seemed to rouse Christina who blinked as if she’d been sleep walking the whole day and just woken up. She looked at her friend tied to the chair and Randy saw the most potent and confused series of emotions in the other woman’s eyes. Shock, sadness, but also hunger and desire. Her eyes rolled into her head as her hands found her naked breasts and began to pull at her long, thick nipples.

“Oh Randy,” she husked, “I’m sorry I had to hold you down before but I’m sooooo glad they got to you.” She took hold of her nipples and gracefully pulled on them in a circular motion above the glossy black strip running between them. “You can fight if you want to… it won’t matter. I fought them. I fought them so hard but…” her eyes were glassy “They have other chairs they can strap you into. Much more powerful…impossible to resist….so fucking good.” She rasped as her legs trembled atop the latex boots and, from her breathing, Randy wasn’t sure if she might not have cum just then.

The TV sprang to life with a rapid-fire assault of words and images. The throbbing rhythm seemed to be coming from inside her body now… between her ears and her spasming thighs. Christina strode past her and Randy could smell her friend’s musk…she’d been dripping down the insides of her legs. She yelled into the gag as Christina paused at the door and spoke, “I hope you enjoy your brainwashing. Sooner or later, they’ll teach you to love it.”

Just then, the vibrator pushed Randy over the edge for the first time.

Director's Commentary

I’m a big fan of Randy Moore, especially as a redhead. So this was an image I was keen to work on, I was just waiting for some inspiration on the angle to take with it. One day it occurred to me that the room she’s in wasn’t dissimilar from the one seen in Orientation. After that, it fell into place pretty quickly.

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    How did I miss this one? Terrific sensual descriptions and dramatic setup. I had forgotten to include color in my own scenes.

    If only the tied girl was facing the screen and had some headphones or other audio device strapped to her head.

    I would have loved to see what Christina looked like, but maybe that’s better off in my own head.

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