Updated on July 24, 2019
 - Featuring Desirae Spencer

Debbie mewled as she maneuvered the couch into position, teetering in the heels and trying to ignore how freely her pussy was leaking onto her thighs. The humiliation melted her resolve around its molten pleasure.

Embarrassing herself to prove her submission had become the key to breaking her will. Every shameful task proved more and more addictive to her new slut-brain. The sheer joy of obedience overwhelmed her resolve each and every time she let her drooling slit decide for her.

She’d long since forgotten why she’d even want to resist the control that now throbbed between her legs and echoed inside her mind.

The webcam powered on and began recording. debbie activated the screen and mounted the couch hoping there would be enough light to see the puddle of lube and joy that she’d soon be leaving as she worshiped at her new owner’s alter.

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Published on May 6, 2009

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