Published on June 16, 2005
 - Featuring Isabella , Kelly O'Scarlett

Dr. Susan Taylor always considered herself a bit of a slut.

She had seduced more than a few of her professors in med-school. During her residency she never missed a chance to indulge herself with one of the nurses: male or female. Once or twice she’d even dropped in on the med-ward to directly supervise her patient’s “treatment”. There was little in the way of sexual exploits she hadn’t engaged in at one time or another. When she began working at the Impero Research Institute. she quickly realized that many other members of the staff shared her passion for the carnal. What she didn’t realize, until a few hours ago, was why.

Now, she was getting a very thorough re-education of all things sexual. She had never, for instance, realized just how hard she could cum, from simply saying something like “I obey Mistress Rebecca”. Or how easy it would be to accept new ways of thinking like “I am a mindless whore who thinks with her cunt”. Of course, truths like that were easy to accept. After all she’d always considered herself a bit of a slut.

Director's Commentary

I came across this image very early in my manipping career and remember thinking I needed to save it until I was ready for it. In some ways, it still perfectly encapsulates everything I love about EMC and is emblematic of almost all the little sub-fetishes I have. If I was going to show a person one image to give them an idea of what my fetish is about, it might very well be this one.

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