The Black Room Podcast

Episode 020
April 11, 2019

The Black Room returns! The unintentional hiatus is over and we are back and bringing you our favorite discoveries from the erotic mind control fetish community!


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    Fuzzy One

    Awesome return!

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    Wayne C

    Hm. Nice Look @ the Ones you CREATED,but I did not hear about what is next…Could you PLEASE post on next Blog What is Specifically Next? Like a Hobbit and A Cat,I`m Ludicrously Curious About what is next,lol! I DO have A suggestion…Under “Upcoming Projects”,One is REALLY Fascinating me: “Pleasure Professionals”…I feel a lot of us Erotic Hypno fans Would REALLY LOVE to see that! PLEASE Concider my idea,and Please let us know what is next! Ty!

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    blank stare

    thank you for talking about Serena! i chatted with her a few times years ago on Yahoo and had wondered about seeing that name again recently. she seemed like good people so i’m glad that you got to know her. is that also why you named the podcast “The Black Room”?

    great podcast and great work!

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      You’re welcome! I’m glad to hear that you got to know her. She was a tremendous person. Yes, the podcast was named The Black Room in honor of her story of the same title.

      Thanks for the kind words and thanks for listening!

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