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Welcome back dear readers!

Big news today.

Not quite a year ago, I released my first piece of stand alone fiction: Compliance and Acquisition. The response to the story was beyond anything I could’ve imagined. I feel very lucky to say C&A found its audience. That response really cemented my desire to keep writing and developing as an author.

Thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to reach out and let me know that you enjoyed the story!

As you’re probably all aware, my dear podcast co-host Madam Kistulot has been self publishing her stories as eBooks and paperbacks. So… I’ll give you three guesses where this is going.

She pointed out that I could hold a story that I’d written in my hands as a self-published paperback! That idea really excited me. And so, I’ve been quietly working the past several months to prepare Compliance and Acquisition for publication as an eBook and paperback novella! I’ve even got a foreword kindly written by Tabico.

Let’s have a look at the cover art:

There’s a few important things I feel need to be said at this point. First off, self publishing this story (and future ones) does not in any way mean that any of my work is going behind a pay wall. That isn’t happening.

I’ve always been happy to share my work with the EMC community and will continue to do so.

Over the years, I have gotten the occasional message from people asking if there’s some way to tip me. A Patreon, or a donation jar or the like. But, I’ve never accepted any money for the artwork I’ve created for this site.

Mostly that comes down to the fact that nearly all my work consists of photo or video manipulations. And all of those photos and videos were created by other artists. As such, I’ve just never felt comfortable taking money, even donations, for sharing someone else’s art.

However, this story is the very first work I’ve shared in the EMC community that was wholly created by me. And for the first time in more than fifteen years, I’m finally in a position where I’m comfortable selling something I’ve made.

So, while I’ll never accept any sort of money for the work I create on this site, if you’ve enjoyed my art over the years and feel like supporting me… then please consider buying a book from me!

You’ll have a super spiffy erotic mind control story to keep your tablet or bookshelf hot-n-bothered and I’ll have a few dollars to help offset the cost of running this website. Personally, I like that even more than donations: we both get something worthwhile out of that transaction.

eBook/Paperback Poll Questions

While we’re on the subject of the forthcoming book, I’d love to pick your brains a bit about what sorts of content you might like to see included. As I mentioned, Tabico has very kindly authored a foreword for the book. And, I think that will be a very fun read.

But there’s other things that could go in as well. So, let me know what you think in the poll question below. Or, if you’ve got another idea all together, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

I’m currently planning for an October release. Which is more or less a year from the story’s original release. So, now’s the time to let me know what you think!

Thank you all for the support and encouragement you’ve shown my work throughout the years. It is deeply appreciated. I feel very lucky to be an artist with an audience!

I hope you’re looking forward to the release of Compliance and Acquisition as much as I am! As always, your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!

All the best,

Current Poll Question

What sort of additional content would you be most interested in seeing within an eBook or Paperback?

Some words from another author discussing the story
An in-depth retrospective of how the story developed and evolved
Sharing deleted scenes and abandonded ideas that didn't make the final edit
An author's commentary section that features bits of insight and trivia about various scenes, bits of dialog and plot points
A Q&A section where I'd answer queries from readers relating to the story
Other (message me or leave a comment)


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    my tablet and nightstand are both desperately craving release.
    i’m so glad they will be denied until they are fully Controlled and Obedient.

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    Additional/deleted scenes would definitely get my vote. I think that’s also the most obvious “value add” for a story that is already out there. Sort of a “DVD extras” section.

    Personally, my reptile brain could have done with more of the video content featuring Not-Samantha, and/or more of Samantha being brainwashed/domme’d the first time and/or over the phone later. Another possibility would be an alternate ending which involves the other guys winning (Tabico has some of this kind of thing at the end of “Lord May” I think).

    • avatar


      Haha, I swear I didn’t read this comment before I made mine!

      • avatar


        Lol great minds think alike!

        Since we are throwing out ideas here, another one would be a different pov on the story. It occurred to me that Not-Samantha actually plays a pretty central plot role, but never features, so the story of how she ends up in that video would be an interesting side-story, although could be more like a standalone itself.

  • avatar


    I voted deleted scenes/abandoned ideas but wanted to clarify; my personal favourite extra content for stories are specifcially alternate endings, but I appreciate that in terms of size and scope that kind of thing can end up significantly larger than just ‘a peek at some deleted scenes or scene outlines.’ In short, my favourite question is always ‘What If…?’

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    Wayne C

    Who is the sexy gal in white?

  • avatar


    I see a big push for ‘deleted scenes’ can’t help but read it as just wanting more of your delicious content.

    Personally, it was hard to pick just one option, as what I’d really like would be a retrospective, deleted scenes, and author’s commentary rolled together; it seems like the other two would be part of the most complete version of a retrospective, and I’d love to hear about that process and see the choices that were made.

    • avatar


      Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I wouldn’t mind doing all three as well but the more pages I add the more the book costs and I don’t want to make it too expensive for buyers.

  • avatar

    Michael Bellafoto

    Speaking of projects, any chance to get a continuation of Breadcrumbs?

    • avatar


      It’s definitely happening, I’m just not sure when. I’ve got the basic story worked out and I have media to manipulate but I just haven’t had time to focus on that much lately. Thanks for asking for it though, knowing people are eager to see more helps me prioritize sometimes!

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