Welcome back dear readers!

I’m delighted to inform you that the latest installment of Jette Jones is live! This time around the plot thickens for our heroes as they are drawn further into the web of intrigue and danger on the infamous pleasure planet, Plutonia. The villains dastardly schemes advance, even as our heroes work to unravel the conspiracy.

Minds will be fucked, caution will be tossed to the wind, hats will be trampled. We hope you enjoy Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger #06!



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    Thank you for sharing this story, and in fact for both this and chapter 5, which I neglected to comment on. I find myself enjoying this even more than the ‘first’ adventure but that’s almost certainly due to all the heavy lifting of world-building you had to do there. I hope you’ll continue with Jette, it certainly feels as if you’re having fun writing her.

    Maybe it’s not appropriate to mention it here, and I did comment on the archive, but I also very much enjoyed ‘Matched Set’ and if anyone hasn’t checked it out you really should.

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    Thanks so much Bethany! We are, indeed, having SO much fun writing Jette. This story is great for us too because we don’t have as much world building to swing this time around. We are certainly going to continue with Jette for the foreseeable future. We’re already putting down notes on the next adventure and we’ve got oodles and oodles of ideas for future tales.

    Thanks for your thoughts on Matched Set! I need to reply to your comment on the MC forum. I’m delighted that you enjoyed it and thanks for those very kinds words you had to share!

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