Welcome back dear readers!

I want to touch on a few projects that are in progress here at HQ at the moment.

Jette Jones #03

We’re still a couple weeks away from releasing the third issue of Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger and things are in good shape. The cover is finished except for minor polishing work and the story is largely in the same state. This issue will up the stakes for our heroes and delve deeper into the sinister plot that is unraveling around them.

It will also have quite a bit of naked women doing the things (and women) that women do when they’re naked. Myself and connie are extremely excited to share this update with you once everything has been put to bed.

We’ll also be uploading Part 2 to The Archive this weekend, a couple weeks early, for the folks who are following the tale there. If all goes to plan, I’m hoping to begin incorporating some bonus Photoshop goodies starting this release. It’s all going to be down to how much time we have once we’re 100% done.

Stay tuned!

The Neighbors

I talked a bit about this story last time. I was really feeling the bug on this tale the past few weeks so most of my free writing time has been dedicated here.

The synopsis for what I have so far goes a little something like this:

Kelle is crushing big time on her masseuse, Adriana, when they are targeted by a shadowy sex ring who has entirely different plans for them.

The tone is fun but with a dark edge that gets darker as the story goes on. There’s some intrigue, danger and some kinky fun to be had. Hopefully, you all will enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

I’ve completed a first pass that clocks in at twenty thousand words. I feel like that will probably come down in the final draft but only time will tell. There’s a sub plot that might get a bit more page real estate but I think that some other areas will get trimmed down so… we’ll see.

I’ve put it down for a week or two so I can come back with fresh eyes and see what I want to do in the second pass. Once that work is finished, it’ll be ready to post!

Lily and Samantha Sequel

As I may have mentioned previously, I have three potential stories for a follow up with Lily and Samantha, the heroines of my debut story on The Archive: Compliance and Acquisition. For a while now, I’ve been settled on one in particular as their next outing.

I’ve had it plotted for a couple of months and really I’ve just needed to spend a bit of time thinking about the tone and some of the underlying themes that I’ll be exploring. But, I also wanted to plot out enough of the other two stories so I’d have a sense of the trajectory the characters would go on, should all three of these stories come to fruition.

Well, that’s done! And, as such, I’m ready to dig back into my outline and notes to start writing! In fact… I already have started. Just a few paragraphs, but the story is underway. How’s that for a tease? Want a bit more? How’s about a synopsis:

When they learn that a string of unsolved crimes might be connected to a powerful hypnotist, Lily and Samantha take it upon themselves to investigate.

And, if you’d like just a bit more… the current title I’m writing this under is: Working Holiday. Of course, that may change by final release but for now I think it fits well.

Return of The Black Room Podcast

Yes, you read that correctly! Madam Kistulot and I have been talking lately and have decided to end our hiatus. So, we’re heading back into the recording studio for new episodes of the The Black Room Podcast! The first episode of 2021 should happen this weekend and will, most likely, be posted next week.

We’re both excited to talk once again about all the terrific stuff going on in the EMC community and we hope you’re excited to join us! If you have suggestions for topics you’d like us to consider, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

And that’s it for me! Thanks for stopping by once again and I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tease of things to come. See you next time!


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