Welcome back dear readers! As promised, we’re back this evening with the second installment of the new sexy space opera series from myself and connie k. Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger #02 is live now in the gallery for your enjoyment!

In issue #01 we had a lot of heavy lifting to do. We had a lot of characters to introduce and a whole galaxy of places and organizations to set up. We always described the sexy side of issue #01 as a tease. A taste of things to come.

Well get your taste buds ready because we’re done teasing! Issue #02 was pure joy for us to work on as we got to have action, drama and really turned up the heat on the erotic mind control.

While we certainly try to keep the word count slim enough that you can comfortably read an issue in about an hour, we didn’t restrict ourselves too much this time. We just enjoyed all the naughty fun the crew was able to get up to in this issue and, hopefully, you will as well!

Not too much changed in the workflow from our first installment. Connie took the lead on writing once again. She has a very clear picture of what our story is building to and what pieces we need to put in place to get there.

My work this time was to turn up the heat: in both our action scene opening and the erotic interludes throughout. That proved to be a very rewarding process as connie had a premise in mind for what Queen Zeta planned to do with Kalokairi. However, she generously handed that off to me to write.

That’s challenging in the sense that I wanted to deliver something that would meet or exceed her expectations. Yet it was also incredibly freeing. It was as if she’d given me two key ingredients and then turned me loose in the kitchen to create dinner. She knows how my tastes run (spicy) and was asking me to put my spin on a dish she was looking forward to.

There’s a lot of trust that goes both ways in these situations. Because, at some point, we’re both going to sit down and eat that dinner. And we both want to be happy with it. And we are!

In a sense, that’s emblematic of this project and our entire process. Over the months we’ve spent working together, we have discovered that, rather than being a challenge, trusting each other has led to Jette Jones becoming the most rewarding and fun writing venture either of us has ever undertaken.

We certainly hope that you are enjoying reading it as much as we are enjoying creating it!

I want to take a moment and thank the people who weighed in on the unofficial poll question from my last post. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to finish any photoshop goodies for Issue #02’s debut. However, I will update the post with a little bonus something in the near future. Moving forward, I plan to make that a regular feature.

As always, we look forward to reading your comments questions and suggestions. We’ll see you next month when the adventure continues in Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger #03!

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