Welcome back dear readers!

On behalf of connie k and myself, we’re very happy to bring you the third issue of our ongoing monthly adventure series: Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger! In this issue, the evil Queen Zeta enjoys the culmination of her plans the only way she knows how (hint: it ain’t a bingo night), our heroes fight against the insidious power of Zeta’s mind control and… and I gotta stop talking or I’m gonna spoil something! 😉

The point is there’s plenty of heat, intrigue, action and more heat this month! We’re ramping up towards the conclusion of Slaves of the Suzerain with next month’s release so… anything can happen! The other point, is that Jette Jones #03 is live now!

Thank you all who have read and enjoyed the tales of Jette Jones. Connie and myself love writing these stories and these characters and we hope you all enjoy them as well. We plan on spinning up new adventures for Captain Jones and her crew for a while to come. Thanks for reading and, as always, your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome!

See you next month for the thrilling conclusion!

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