Yes, yes I know… late again.

June has a been a very trying month for me, personally. I’m very glad its coming to a close and looking forward to not having another four weeks like this again… ever. Since we are so terribly late with this issue, connie and I have decided to go ahead and make 16 our June issue. This has a couple of beneficial side effects.

First, it gives us all of July to deliver 17 instead of scrambling to get that finished up next week so it can be June’s week-late issue. Second –and far more exciting to me– is this officially makes May our “lost issue” of Jette Jones. I see this as a blank check we can cash someday. A one-off issue that could be almost anything we like to fill in this gap in our release cycle. But enough of all that, let’s talk Jette #16!

In this issue, Jette’s beloved Queen Diamanti prepares to take her wedding vows and the vile Queen Zeta’s grand scheme is about to be revealed…

This is our second cover fully created with AI image tools and both connie and I are tremendously excited about the possibilities this new technology is opening up for us and our storytelling. The technology is very fresh (hard to use) and far from the “easy button” that AI is often portrayed as.

But, its very powerful. For an artist like me, I often spend more time searching for suitable images to fill in the gaps of some idea I have than actually photoshopping things together. So for my workflow, the ability to generate the specific assets I need is remarkable. It still takes a fair amount of time to tweak things and get it just so but… I see tremendous potential for how these tools are going to open new doors for me and my work.

We hope you enjoy Jette Jones #16 and we’ll be back quite soon with an all new issue!



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    Great stuff as always! Many threads to pull on… I hope that it doesn’t take all of July for the next issue. I guess I’ll impatiently wait for the tapestry to come together.

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      Thanks very much and I hope for the same! We’re working on it right now so we’ll see how quickly it all comes together.

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    Just mentioning that you’ve since published both 17 and 18, yet those aren’t on your blog, therefore a bunch of peeps who briefly visit checking for news are still thinking you haven’t updated since 16. Only those that notice the manips update in the sidebar are clued in to the most recent two issues. :O

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