Published on June 30, 2023

Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger

Issue #16 – Dark Wedding

By Callidus and connie k

All rights reserved. “Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger” © 2021 All characters and stories are not to be reproduced in any form without the expressed written permission of the authors.

With cosmic wheels beginning to turn — bracing for a galactic battle between good and evil — Captain Jette Jones and the crew of the Artemis III are tasked with returning to besieged Te’ Sareez, while unbeknownst to them deposed queen Zeta lays in wait.

Part 2

Everyone loves a wedding, right? Wrong. As Zeta’s grand scheme to rule all of Te’ Sareez begins to take shape, Captain Jette Jones returns to Serpens Caput for the wedding of her true love to someone else.

Captain Jette Jones entered the command module as a storm was beginning to brew.

“Hey! Get your hands off those controls.”

“These settings are off. All of them. You’re wasting fuel.”

Jette sat down in her command chair as Lt. Kanivia Riesga and Midshipman Sewena Carpenter furiously hit buttons.

“The settings are correct for this ship, Carpenter. We recently had two stabilizers replaced. The other two are four years old. These settings compensate for the power discrepancies.”

“Well, that’s inefficient!  All four stabilizers should be within five degrees of each other. There’s no reason why they haven’t been recalibrated.”

“Look, Carpenter –”

“Ahem-hmm.” Jette cleared her throat loudly. “Midshipman. Lt. Riesga is piloting the ship. Your job is to navigate and lend assistance. I know the Artemis isn’t like any other vessel you’ve served on. She’s seen a lot of action.  She’s up to specs … but allowances have had to be made for her condition.”

“I understand, Sir.  I smell the dyone oil.”

“Lieutenant? Perhaps things would go a little more smoothly if you let Midshipman Carpenter be more hands-on up here.  No one is expecting you to be like Epsilon.”

Riesga shrugged. “Aye, Skipper.” She looked at Carpenter. “Slide over here.  I’ll give you a rundown on landing procedures before we break orbit.”

“Call coming in from Caput, Captain,” Cadet Flock Powers said from her tactical station. “We have permission to land.”

“Acknowledge that, Cadet. Remember everyone, full dress uniforms at all times,” Jette said, her eyes sweeping across the CM.

“Sidearms too, Sir?” Carpenter asked. “There have been reports of skirmishes near the capital.”

“Come on, Carpenter, it’s a wedding for Pete’s sake,” Riesga grumbled.

Jette put up her hand.  “Per regulations, very well.  Issue the rayvolvers.  But try to keep them out of sight. Landing procedures, Riesga.”

Riesga tried not to simmer. “Aye, Captain.”

Jette watched the smooth spin of the blue-and-pink planet on the viewscreen, somehow knowing that these would be the most difficult two days of her life.

Light years away on Indora, the home world of Yasu, K’wari and Odell arrive to face the unknown … 

The ship’s ramp lowered, spilling orange light across K’wari’s face as she and Odell descended. Indora’s sun was beginning to dip behind the Thurk mountains and it glowed warmly through their jagged peaks. K’wari drew in a deep breath. It was time for the evening meal and she could smell spiced smoke wafting on the air. Despite the reason, it felt good to be back.

The feeling didn’t last long.

There were footsteps approaching. “Ranna,” Odell murmured, her eyes closed.

K’wari nodded as Ranna marched into view flanked by two guards. Ranna could barely contain her glee. “Welcome back, sister. You’re under arrest.”

“I’m most certainly not.” K’wari said calmly.

“I have a set of manacles that says otherwise.”

“I have been recalled for judgment and I have answered that call. A vicar may only be forcibly detained in the event they defy the Tribunal’s summons. Which, since I’m standing here, is clearly not the case.”

Ranna tried not to let her smile fade as she glared. “Since you’re suddenly cooperating with the Tribunal’s edicts, surrender your weapon.” She nodded to the closed rayff staff hanging from K’wari’s belt.

K’wari half-shook her head. “Warriors carry weapons.” She unhooked her rayff and held it up. The etchings on the chrome surface caught the last remaining light of Indora’s sun. “This is a tool.”

“Spare me.” Ranna scoffed like an impatient child as she snatched the closed staff from K’wari’s hand and hooked it to her own belt. “If exchanging words with the wicked accomplished even half of what you people claim, why even carry a rayff?”

“You people?” K’wari’s eyebrow rose. “Ranna, I can tell the difference between a desperate person and wicked one without exchanging words.”

“I’ve spent years training as a Vicar of Yasu to tell the difference, K’wari. What have you been training for?”

There was a droning chime that rang out and echoed off the towers and stone structures around the landing field. Ranna nodded toward the towering citadel to the East. “It is late. The Tribunal is meeting tomorrow. You are to have no visitors, Kwari.”

Within hours of landing on Caput, the crew of the Artemis III has gotten busy making preparations for the wedding the following day. Lt. Riesga helped the contingent from the Galactic Systems League find their rooms in the spacious palace on Serpens Caput and get settled. Everything seemed to be in order.

The vice chancellor of the GSL took a moment to thank her again for saving his life on Plutonia (see Issue #7). Riesga assured them it really wasn’t necessary, and as she headed toward her next task a voice called out to her.

“Lt. Riesga! May I have a moment, please.”

Queen Ana beamed a great smile as she approached. Riesga bowed.

“Oh. We can be informal, General.”

Riesga almost blushed. “Very nice to see you again, Queen Ana.”

A wave of her hand sent her aides scurrying away. “I was wanting to see you again, Kanivia.”


“I believe The Fates have brought us together, Kanivia.  Come. Join me in my quarters. Queen Kalokairi is there.  She’d like to see you again as well. The three of us should get to know each other much, much better.”

Now Riesga did blush. She didn’t expect this, but wasn’t blind to the overtures. Ana was acting very strangely.

“Thank you, Queen Ana. But I have my duties.”

“Just for a few minutes then.  And very informally.  Queen Kalokairi and I are most … sharing.”

“Really … no, I shouldn’t. I can’t,” she stammered. “I need to get back.”

Riesga started to turn, but Ana stepped in front of her.

“What about music? Do you enjoy music?” She pressed into Riesga. “I want you to listen to my favorite song, Kanivia. You wouldn’t deny me this one favor, would you?”

Riesga stepped back and bowed deeply.

“I’m sorry, your Highness.”


“Ana. Queen Ana.  I really need to get back. I’m technically still on duty.”

“Just one song?”

Riesga’s confused expression transformed into a forced smile. “Hey! How about after the ceremony? I should have some free time before we blast off again.” She playfully followed Ana’s eyes, hoping not to offend. “Maybe two songs?”

Ana looked down – her programming accounting for every possibility. She gave Riesga an understanding nod … but Riesga could see a trace of anger there too.

“I may be busy right after the ceremony, Kanivia.  But I’ll tell you what.  If everything goes perfectly and you’re … still around?  I will definitely find you.”

“Uh, okay.” More strangeness. She bowed awkwardly again. “Thank you, Queen Ana.”

Riesga fast-walked away as smoothly as her trembling knees would allow.

“She not coming. No bother. We don’t need her.”

Ana slid onto the bed next to Kalokairi in her quarters. The queen of Serpens Soma was on her back looking upward dreamily at nothing. She was ready for Ana to play with her again.

“We don’t need her,” Ana repeated, but hungrily. “I thought she would make a pleasant surprise for you, love.  And you do enjoy my surprises.”

“Yes,” Kalokairi said breathlessly. “I do.” Ana yanked the coverlet off the bed.

“Like the music box. You thought you’d never enjoy its sweet sounds again. And here we are.  For seven nights in a row.  You need to hear the sweet music, don’t you, love?”

Queen Kalokairi’s overwhelming desire to hear the beautiful music again clouded her judgment. She blinked rapidly and arched her back. “Please.”

Ana’s lips curled malevolently. “Yes. Of course. And I have another surprise for you. Someone else to share our bed. But first things first.”

She ran her finger down Kalokairi’s forehead, down her nose then across her lips. The queen sighed. Ana nuzzled her cheek as she inserted the two small devices into the queen’s ears. Then she opened the small, decorative box.

“There now. Much better. You enjoy this gift, love? My sister gave it to you, remember?” (See Issue #1)

The musical notes began to filter into the queen’s head. Soothing and entrancing. Her thoughts riding away on the sounds. She felt a different set of hands running up her legs. She weakly opened her eyes.

Ryaki smiled down at her.

“Hello, my queen. You haven’t forgotten your dear Ryaki, have you?”

“Ry-Ryaki? How?”

“Shhhh. Just enjoy the moment. Queen Ana and I only want the best for you.”

Suddenly, the music became deafening! Strident and throbbing. A thousand songs, a million tones blared into her opened mind.  She slammed her eyes shut from the unbearable onslaught of sounds.

Kalokairi reached for her ears, but Ana was there to clamp them against her head, pressing tightly. The assaulting tones slowly and painfully shattering Kalokairi’s thoughts.

Kalokairi’s body stiffened, her back twisted. Ryaki threw her legs over her shoulders and dove in between her legs. She lapped lustfully as the queen of Soma’s muscles spasmed.

Her mind was numb, but her body reacted just as it had every night for a week. Her nipples stiffened.

There was a moment … Ana looked down with fear.  This was Kalokairi.  Her friend and lover. They had grown so close … and now? It was as if the rapid beating of her heart had diluted the controlling venom in her veins. But just as quickly, the fear vanished.  A new wave of obedience from the will-poisoning venom swallowed up any errant thoughts but what she had been tasked to do.

Kalokairi began to buck furiously. The pain and the bliss mixing in a perverted duet. Ryaki took her clit between her lips, sucked the sensitive flesh deeply in her mouth and was rewarded with a gush of orgasm-fueled juice. She wiped what dribbled down her chin with the back of her hand and sneered.

The climax atop the brain-draining “music” left Kalokairi’s mind as limp as her body.  Ryaki pushed Ana’s hands aside and removed the auditory buds from the queen’s ears. Ana quickly kneaded her breasts.

“Very good. Very good. Listen very carefully, Kalokairi. And obey. You will be given instructions on how to behave tomorrow.  You will obey them. After that, you will defer to me on all matters of state. Do you understand?”

The only movement from Kalokairi was her heavy breathing.

“Isn’t that right, my queen?”

“Defer to you …” she croaked, drool trickling out the side of her mouth.

“Yes.  Just as it used to be. When it was my counsel you always sought.  Ryaki whispering in your ear the truth.”

“Whispering …”

“Now, my queen, tomorrow is the wedding. Remember?”

“Yes. The wedding.”

Kalokairi could taste Ryaki’s scented breath on her lips as she crawled on top of her. “Hear and obey, Kalokairi. This is what I want you to do …”


Jette bowed stiffly, noticing two of the queen’s ladies-in-waiting standing along the far wall of the palace’s White Drawing Room. The Star Ranger captain had been summoned by the queen and she could not refuse.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that face on you before,” Queen Diamanti said. Jette took a step forward.

“Why did you bring me here?” Jette tried to keep her voice even, but her emotions crept out. “You know this is the last place I want to be.”

“Yes,” Diamanti replied with a nod. “Which is exactly why you are here. You are my Vipera Berus, my Uncontested One. I need you to be here.”

Jette shifted uneasily seeing the sympathy on the queen’s face.

“Jette … I am the ruler of a great nation. There are motives which I have been made aware of, things I cannot share with even you at this time. But trust me when I say that there is more at stake than what involves us alone. More even than Te’ Sareez.”

“Then tell me.”

Diamanti smiled sadly. “If it were only that simple. I fear my situation will need to get worse before they are resolved.” The queen of Serpens Caput leaned forward slightly, making sure to hold Jette’s eyes. “Stand by me tomorrow.”

The distance between them never felt so far. “I will.”

“Then let us talk of this no further. When the time comes, you will know what to do.”

“Very well. Sovereign.” Jette bowed again, then felt Diamanti’s hand on her shoulder.

“One last thing, Jette. Captain. Keep your people close.”

It is wedding day on Caput. But it is also judgment day for K’wari on Indora …

The hall of the Tribunal was a torrent of sound from the overlapping voices of several hundred vicars in the coliseum seating. The Tribunal table was empty. K’wari stood to one side, flanked by two guards. Her arms rested inside her robes as she meditated on what was about to happen.

A stone door unlatched and then there were footsteps. All but K’wari turned and watched the Tribunal of Yasu enter the citadel and take their seats at the table. The nervous crowd of vicars fell silent.

K’wari looked among the faces of the Tribunal that would judge her. On one end of the table sat Korella, The Superior Mother, the spiritual leader of the Vicars of Yasu. Kadish, a purple-skinned man, sat to her left. Ranna sat to her right, staring with contempt at K’wari.

At the other end of the table sat Sha-shara, the White Mother, the previous leader who now served as a voice of guidance to her successor. Odell sat to her right, facing K’wari. Baras took his seat and sat to Sha-shara’s left. The White Mother eyed him but said nothing.

Zicash, a tall alien woman with a bright orange fin sitting like a mohawk atop her ovoid head, sat between Ranna and Odell. She and Odell looked up in surprise when a woman with a shaved head walked to the table and stood at the final empty chair.

Korella rose from her seat and her voice filled the ancient stone building. “This is Saclyite. Since Councilor Vakri is still off-world, I move that his nemate sit and vote in his stead. Is there a second?”

“I second.” Baras raised his hand. He looked forward, at nothing in particular, with a strange blankness in his eyes.

“Vote.” Korella instructed. All hands rose into the air. She motioned to the empty chair. “Take your seat, Saclyite.”

The woman sat down beside Baras and they traded the slightest of nods.

Korella touched the screen of a tablet and it began recording. “K’wari of Scuthe IV, Vicar of Yasu, you have been recalled for judgment by this Tribunal. How do you stand?”

“I stand alone, Superior Mother.”

“The record will reflect this vicar names no others to stand beside her in judgment.” Korella waved a hand and the tablet before her updated its running log with a note of K’wari’s answer. “Do any others come forward now to stand beside this Vicar?”

The Superior Mother waited a moment in silence. “Very well, K’wari will stand alone. Proceed Ranna.”

Ranna rose to her feet, her smile was gone and she was all business now. “K’wari your personal logs of the past galactic adjusted year have left the Tribunal of Yasu with grave concerns about your conduct and its reflection upon our Order. By your own words you have helped depose a rightful sovereign of the Te’ Sareez system, you participated in a mutiny against a Star Ranger captain while in the same star system. You killed an unarmed Diamond Warrior on Serpens Soma. You leveled an entire government complex on Torekia’s third moon. You’ve attained such a reputation as a gambler on Plutonia you are known throughout their establishments as ‘The Vicar’.  And, you’ve had a prolific string of sexual con—“

The White Mother, K’wari’s old teacher, struck the table with a stone slug twice and cleared her throat. “Point of etiquette, Superior Mother.”

Korella bowed her head. “Proceed, White Mother.”

“The Tribunal is well aware of these points of contention against K’wari. We are wasting time reading them aloud for the benefit of the assembled audience who have no vote in this judgment. May we please proceed to something more substantive?”

“Point of etiquette, Superior Mother,” the purple-skinned Kadish said as he rose to his feet.

Korella nodded for him to continue.

“Since K’wari’s actions affect the entire Order I believe all those assembled here deserve to know exactly what she has done that reflects on them so poorly.” He turned to the dozens of rows of risers surrounding the Tribunal table and spoke directly to the assembled vicars. “You deserve to know!” There was a smattering of applause from hundreds of vicars spectating.

“No, Kadish. I agree with Sha-shara. There is no need for that. The complete trial record will be available for those interested in the lurid details.” The Superior Mother gestured to his seat. “Let us continue.”

Kadish made a show of his frustration as he took his seat again.

K’wari made no outward sign of her amusement. Kadish was Korella’s acolyte every bit as much as Ranna was. That bit of theater was obviously designed to give the Superior Mother a sheen of impartiality in these proceedings.

Korella had her ardent supporters in the crowd. But she was playing to the part of the crowd that wasn’t already on her side. She wanted to convince them of something. And she was going to use this trial to do it. K’wari’s eyes narrowed. Whatever she was scheming, Ranna had seemed very eager for it to happen back at the landing pad. K’wari’s gaze found Odell sitting beside Sha-shara. Her eyes were closed in concentration.

“Very well, the record is the record.” Ranna dropped her tablet on the Tribunal table. “How do you answer, K’wari?”

“The facts of my actions and experiences have been misstated.”

Ranna’s voice rose with mocking contempt. “You contest your own personal logs?”

“I do not contest the facts. But their context is misstated or missing altogether. Context matters, Ranna.”

“Only to people trying to get away with something!” Ranna bellowed for the crowd’s benefit. Applause rung out from a handful of spectators. “What are you trying to get away with, K’wari?”

“During the mission to Te’ Sareez, I was subjected to a powerful mind-control technique that left me helpless to disobey the order to mutiny against Captain Jones. The woman who brainwashed me, Queen Zeta, was the so-called rightful sovereign you mentioned. Zeta stole her throne using a similar plot against her elder sister years before.”

“But you didn’t know that at the time you deposed her!” Ranna’s voice dripped with venom. “Yet you helped the Star Rangers remove her from power and even attacked her lawful military forces at their behest. And murdered a Diamond Warrior.”

K’wari shook her head. “The same Star Rangers I mutinied against? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Out of order!” Ranna roared.

“You may not speak unless responding to a question, K’wari,” the Superior Mother casually scolded.

Ranna’s intensity was unsettling. K’wari could feel the other vicar’s anger like waves of heat coming off a lava stone. Anger was always an expression of fear.

Ranna’s broad smile was false. “Let the record reflect she admits to the murder of the Diamond Warrior. And what was his name, K’wari?”

“I don’t know his name and I didn’t murder him. He was trying to kill me at the time. I bested him and asked him to yield. Then, he tried to choke me to death.”

“Allegedly.” Ranna sneered. “We can’t contact any of his associates to confirm your story since you conveniently left his name out of your personal log. Isn’t that right?”

“His associates were another Diamond Warrior and Queen Zeta. They had snuck past palace security on Serpens Soma and subverted that planet’s queen, Kalokairi.”

“Ah yes!” Ranna took up her tablet again, scrolling to find something. “Queen Kalokairi, elected ruler of Serpens Soma. You stated the two of you made love for nearly a full day. Is that right?”


“Did you murder the Diamond Warrior at her behest? Was the killing some sort of perverted sexual favor?”

“We were both under the mind control of Queen Zeta at the time. We barely spoke at all.”

“Like the Hajick on Plutonia?”

“I recorded my experiences on Plutonia into my personal log for sentimental value. I was not wearing my robes or my rayff there. Therefore my actions could not be construed as damaging to the Order.”

Ranna smiled with contempt. “I’m hardly surprised you feel that way considering what else happened on Plutonia. Incidentally, where’s the money?”

K’wari stared back at her.

“You won in excess of 20,000 credits gambling earlier that same night. Where’s the money?”

K’wari didn’t blink. “I gave it away.”

“To whom?”

“The Uveeter House.”

“What is that?”

“An outreach center.”

“Oh?” Ranna said with a sudden flare of sincerity. “That’s wonderful. Who do they help?”

That was when K’wari saw the trap. But it was too late. Ranna had already led her into the snare.


Ranna nodded sympathetically. “Orphans. Like you?”


“You know, I had almost forgotten you were orphaned on Scuthe. Very unfortunate situation you grew up in. Before you found the shelter of the Order. Isn’t that right?”

K’wari’s jaw flexed. “Yes.”

“It explains a lot. A traumatic upbringing like yours. A childhood like that? It’s no wonder you’ve grown into a person that kills, fornicates and gambles her way across the galaxy with abandon.”

K’wari took several deep breaths and pushed down the impulse to argue.

“These are the points of judgment, K’wari,” Ranna said as she retook her seat. “How do you answer?”

K’wari held her head high.

“You are right about many things, Ranna. My childhood on Scuthe was terrible like you can’t imagine. I probably would be the person you think I am. Except for the Vicars of Yasu. Unlike some, they didn’t see a wicked person in the making. They saw a child starving for food and for guidance. And instead of judging me, they took me in. Fed me, clothed me and showed me a path. So that I could become the best version of myself while I discovered how I could contribute to the galaxy itself … one person at a time, just as Yasu asks us to. Just as the Vicars did for me.”

She stood straight and smoothed out her crimson robes.

“I am not a murderer. I have broken no laws save by an order from the captain of the earth ship I’ve chosen to serve. I own my robes and my rayff and nothing more. Any money I have ever held I have given to someone else. Because unlike others in this chamber, I do not need anything more than to help as I am helped. That is what it means to be a vicar. When we calm the storm within ourselves we can help becalm that storm in others. On and on, one person at a time. Until the galaxy shines as brightly as my heart does, every time I put on these robes.”

Ranna seethed with barely contained anger. “Yes, and it will take so long that all our hearts will have stopped beating by the time it happens because you were too weak to just—”

“Thank you, Ranna,” Korella cut in sternly. “The points of judgment have been read. K’wari has answered. Now we will vote.” She rose from her chair as Ranna took hers once more. “Who here votes for judgment?”

Ranna’s hand was the first in the air. “I.”

“I,” Kadish said, his hand going up.

Zicash’s orange fin trembled as she shook her head. Finally she’d made up her mind. “I.” She lifted her hand into the air.

All eyes turned to Saclyite. “Not I,” voted Saclyite. Baras turned his head toward her.

“Say again, Saclyite?” asked the Superior Mother with a hint of surprise.

“Not I, Superior Mother.”

“Not I,” Odell spoke up, crossing her arms.

“Not I,” Sha-shara said quietly. She turned to Baras, a sad and expectant look on her face.

She doesn’t trust him.

The thought popped into K’wari’s head. Though, strangely, it was in Odell’s voice. She glanced over and found her sister vicar staring back at her with a grim face. K’wari’s brow furrowed. Why wouldn’t Sha-shara trust Baras?

Baras’ eyes were fixed on Sha-shara.

“Resist … this,” Saclyite whispered to him. He took a deep, leveling breath.

“Not I,” he said flatly.

The Superior Mother glanced at Ranna, who shook her head in disbelief. Clearly, she had expected his vote to go against K’wari. Baras closed his eyes in concentration and nodded toward Sha-shara. A glimmer of pride in her eyes.

“I vote I as well,” said the Superior Mother, bitterly.

Korella struck the table three times with a stone slug. “The vote is 4-4. Therefore … I shall determine the outcome. As it is my right as the Superior Mother. Judgment shall be rendered.

“K’wari is guilty!”

Back on Serpens Caput, the marriage between Queen Diamanti and Colonel Ander Til is about to begin, while behind the scenes dangers lurk …

Flock had just completed a quick check around the palace grounds.  The wedding was only a couple hours away but everything appeared to be normal.  She reached her guest quarters to freshen up when she saw Hunni leaning against the door.  She looked like she always did – blonde hair, short, white dress and a seductive smile.

“You look dashing in that uniform, Flock. Have you missed me?”

“Hunni … what … what are you doing here? I thought you were a sentry on the space station.”

“I got transferred down here for the festivities. I knew you’d be here.” She batted her eyes. “Did you dream about me?”

Flock’s hand shot up to her ear. She was confused. “I remember. You … you injected something into my ear.”

Hunni closed in on her. “Yes. I had it done too.  It affects the synapses in our brains.” She looked at Flock expectantly but the Star Ranger just stood there stunned. “Flock, we’ve been sharing dreams.”

She leaned in and kissed Flock’s lips, then her cheek. Then whispered in her ear. “Come with me, Iron Maiden.”

Flock stiffened. She felt as if she were tumbling downward, dropping through the floor, through a hole, and leaving parts of herself behind. Hunni tugged at her hand and led her into the cabin. She moved as if she were sleepwalking – triggered and tranced.

Hunni spun around in the center of the room. Flock looked at the bed, dazed.

“Not there, baby.” She pointed. “There!”

Flock weakly turned her head. One side of the room was filled with racks of portable equipment within rectangular transit cases. Flock’s eye followed a nest of cables running from the computer gear across the floor to… an enormous, clear cylinder that stood ominously in a corner of the room. Three meters tall and half as wide. It looked like some sort of medical device crossed with a shower. Big enough for two.

The bottom of the tube was a steel platform with a honeycomb pattern of holes the size of coins. Flock had a vision of showering within the tube, green and purple snakes writhing through the holes, slipping up to bear their fangs and pierce her flesh where her pruned fingers rubbed endlessly back and forth, back and forth.

Flock tracked Hunni’s hand back and forth as the other woman waved it before her eyes, capturing her focus and leaving Flock’s mouth drifting open as her thoughts sank deeper into nothing.

“Don’t worry, baby. There are no snakes in here. Just pussy.” Hunni smiled like a varg hound. “Take off your clothes.”

She’s reading my mind! Or she’s writing in it? Flock’s sex juiced as the last of her garments landed on top of her boots. Flock looked at Hunni dumbly, nude and dripping down her inner thighs.

Hunni tapped a hand comp and then set it aside. The room’s lights dimmed to a soft glow and a near-invisible door on the front of the cylinder retracted open. “Come to me, baby. Come to Hunni, Iron Maiden.”

Another drop, deeper this time. She couldn’t feel her feet on the carpet as she stepped closer. Hunni’s hand pulled her inside the chamber.

Their lips met – so familiar – as they had in Flock’s dreams and her nightmares nearly every night since that first night on Kauda. It seemed so long ago and so immediate. Flock sucked on Hunni’s tongue and felt her breath. Their arms wrapped around each other like coils.

The door sealed itself with a hiss and the seams disappeared into the clear material of the tube. The room beyond was foggy and out of focus. A green light switched on above. Flock’s eyes drifted up into it as Hunni’s lips found her nipples and tongued them firmly.

She looked down, her head swimming with pleasure, as she felt something wet on her toes. The tube was filling up with liquid. A clear, oily substance was pressing up through the grate at their feet. It was already at her knees. Flock’s mind flashed back to something in her memories. Something to do with K’wari and feeling cold and then later so very hot.

“Just relax, baby,” Hunni cooed and held her close. “All of Zeta’s obedient soldiers need their orders and you’re a very special soldier. I know she’s been preparing you for a special mission but she’s changed her mind about some things. So, it’s time for you to receive some new orders for what happens next. We can’t have you damaging the prize when our Queen is so close to snatching it, can we?”

“Yes, Hunni,” Flock murmured quietly. The liquid was at her waist and the distant memory of K’wari evaporated like steam. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except what Hunni’s hands and words were doing to her.

“Breathe normally and then I’m gonna blow your mind … again.” Flock nodded and obeyed. Hunni took her face and pulled her into a probing, wet kiss that went on and on and left sparks dancing at the edges of Flock’s vision.

By then, the liquid was at her neck. Hunni winked and then they were both engulfed. Flock might’ve panicked if she were not already so thoroughly under control. She watched as Hunni swallowed the liquid then took a deep breath in, her nostrils flaring wide. She winked at Flock and motioned for her to do likewise.

Flock obeyed and, instead of drowning, she felt the oddest tickling in her throat. It passed quickly then Flock stood meekly with her hands still gripping Hunni’s toned butt. Not knowing what else to do, she resumed kissing the blonde and some distant part of her mind marveled at the sensation of making out underwater.

The light from above twisted and bent through the thick substance and the green glow was all around them. They were swimming in warm green pleasure and everywhere it touched Flock, outside and inside her body, began to feel very, very good.

There were no bubbles and very little sound as Flock moaned. Hunni’s hands was pumping into her and the green, glowing oil she was breathing was make Flock’s pussy tingle in ways she’d never experienced. She realized the liquid was carrying more than just oxygen into her body. The aphrodisiac was being absorbed by her skin, her lungs and the the clenching folds of her pussy as Hunni fucked the first orgasm from her.

Flock bucked violently once and then floated in perfect ecstasy. She felt one of Hunni’s fingers probing at her rosebud and she grinned dumbly, knowing her rectum would soak in the drug twice as quickly as her lungs. The thought alone nearly made her cum again.

A moment later, Hunni added a second finger. And she did.

Flock floated in perfect buoyancy, impaled on Hunni’s pistoning fingers. Then, snakes slithered into her vision. She didn’t panic, her own thoughts were too weak and horny for that. She looked again and realized that the black, twisting forms that were surrounding them were not snakes but thick black cables with pointed silver tips.

Flock watched with mindless curiosity as one of the cables snaked up and poised itself behind Hunni’s head. The cable surged forward and impaled the back of short blonde’s head. It didn’t seem to hurt — Hunni’s eyes floated upward slowly.

Flock too felt a piercing at the base of her skull. A flash of pain that was over in an instant. Then a warm sensation like trickling honey rolled down her neck and flooded every nerve ending. Flock’s entire body became an erogenous zone. She groaned and her own hands clamped down on her pert breasts and squeezed a fresh orgasm from her eager flesh.

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

The voice was Hunni’s but she’d heard it … in her head?!


The blonde laughed. Flock heard the giggle inside and outside of her skull. The vibrations tickled her like the soft purr of a silver toy pressing into her sex.

Our minds are linked by the machine. What I think, you think. What I feel…

Hunni slid fingers into her throbbing sex. She panted and giggled, savagely squeezing her nipples as Flock’s back arched in response.

There you go, just like that! Hunni drew her close. But the best part is that someone outside can join us in here too.

At this, Flock sensed movement outside the tube. A curvy, pink figure sauntered up to the clear tube they were swimming in. Red hair and a devilish grin floated closer.

Hello, my little Iron Maiden.

The voice filled Flock’s mind and body. She howled as months of hypnotic programming came crashing into this one, perfect moment. Every sexual impulse she’d ever felt, every desire of her mind or body, every notion of what she’d ever wanted twisted in her thoughts and became the image and voice of the evil queen of the stars. Zeta!

I hear and obey, mighty Suzerain!

Yes, you do don’t you? Zeta’s laugh was cruel and without love. It made Flock want to touch herself but it was endless foreplay to simply juice and wait for the command.

I’ve got a very special surprise for the bride and groom and for that delicious Captain of yours. You’re going to help lead them all in chains, kneeling at my feet.

Yes, my Queen! The moment she knew Queen Zeta desired it, Flock never wanted anything more in her life.

Mmmmm, very good. I have your mind already. But with this lovely machine. I’m going to take your very soul.

Flock saw a vision of a great precipice. A cliff overlooking a green ocean filled with dark and dangerous things and ruled over by the pitiless, red-haired queen.

Within the tank, other cables snaked up through the floor and began injecting themselves into Flock’s body. Her spine, her nipples, her ass and her sex lips. Soon, the impaled Star Ranger was covered in a web of black cables. They injected more poisoned honey into her helpless body. She could feel her brain liquifying in molten erotic heat.

Standing on the cliff, in her mind, Zeta’s voice beckoned her leap into the dark waters below. Flock knew, as surely as one senses a coming rainstorm, that if she did she would be leaving everything she ever was behind. She knew the being that emerged from the crashing waves would not be her any longer. It would be, only, a mindless, sex-enslaved thrall of Queen Zeta.

Flock dove from the cliff and pointed herself, headfirst, into green water.

Trumpets blared, there were waves and cheers in the bright sunshine as the queen of Caput entered the spired cathedral which stood majestically at the edge of the palace grounds.

The rest of the wedding party, including one very somber captain of the Star Ranger Corps, followed.

In front, the High Deaconess strode down the center aisle.  She would perform the ceremony, but there was much to do first. Readings from the texts, songs and all the formalities of such a grand occasion.

The ancient rites of marriage for a queen would last most of the morning.

Flock climbed down the ladder of the Artemis, lugging a large case.

She crossed the landing pad and headed toward the palace. Two imperial guards stood before the main entranceway to stop her.

“No one is permitted in the cathedral during the ceremony,” one said.

Flock huffed. “I’m on the list. Powers, Johansen. Cadet with the Star Ranger Corps.”

The other guard checked her tablet. Flock put down the case as she waited impatiently.


She lifted the case and walked past them.

“Wait a minute!” the first guard called. Flock’s back straightened before turning. “What’s in that case?”

She smiled sweetly. “Wedding present.”

Riesga and Carpenter sat together at the end of one of the long pews near the back of the cathedral.  The pomp and circumstance which preceded the ceremony seemed to drag on forever. Riesga looked bored. Carpenter kept looking over her shoulder.

“What is it now?” Riesga asked, turning her head.

“I don’t see Flock. She’s supposed to be doing a security check.”

“Maybe that’s what she’s doing. Relax. The ceremony is about to start.”

Carpenter looked over her shoulder again. Riesga sighed.

“I’m going to have a look around.”

“Carp –”

The midshipman hurried up the aisle just as trumpets sounded.  The wedding procession began to file into the cathedral.  Riesga’s attention turned toward Jette, who stood at the end of the line beside Queen Diamanti.

She could see her clearly as she waited in the darkness. Her dream a vivid reality. The crowning moment of her victory was at hand. And the object of her lust and domination was before her.

Jette Jones.

She was clothed in her uniform. Then naked.

She was defiant, then meek. Her eyes once filled with determination were dulled. Pupils dilated, the faintest echoes of spiral waves spinning slowly within them.

She was bound, spread wide on the stone slab, her wrists and ankles secured. Her body, the suppleness of her breasts, tinged with sweat. She ran two fingers across Jette’s belly and tasted submission on them.

Jette was kneeling. Emptied. Breathing in the scent from the fiery red between the woman’s legs as Jette mindlessly fingered herself. Looking down, she stroked her own wetness in anticipation.

Jette was hers.

“There was a time when I wanted you dead. An obstacle to be removed. And adversary to vanquish.”

She petted the top of Jette’s head. “But the Goddess of Darkness has spoken to me.” She yanked a fistful of brown hair, forcing the distant eyes upward. “You are my reward.”

She picked up a thick, gold band, hinged in the middle, and admired it. “We’re going to have a ceremony of our own, Jette. An unbreakable bond, you and I. More binding than a simple ring on your finger. This golden collar around your pretty neck. You shall be mine and I shall be yours.”

She squeezed Jette’s jaw with her other hand. “As Mistress and slave.”

Her moment of final triumph was so close she could taste it.

“Do you accept?”

Jette nodded slowly. There was no trace of doubt. She put the collar around her neck and fastened it with the heavy click of permanence.

“This is our unholy matrimony, slave Jette. A union of slave and Mistress that shall never break nor end. I have all that I desire now that I have this around your throat. Power over all. And power over the one. The galaxy shall fear me. And once we consummate the sacrament of the owned to her owner, no key will ever free you.”

She placed the smaller end of the U-shaped dildo inside herself and used Jette’s mouth to wet the instrument of her own demise. She was lifted and bent over the stone slab again, her arms outstretched, her breasts flattened on the hellish altar.

She shoved the full length of the dildo into Jette on the first thrust, hearing only the faintest grunt.

“Yes! We are now one. Me into you. We two, whom the Goddess of Darkness hath joined together let no one put asunder.” Her hips bucked savagely with increased speed. Her green eyes on fire.

“Now … cum for me. As my slave.”

Slave and Mistress climaxed together.

In a secondary vestibule, Carpenter hurried up to a Caputian officer, noting the green security badge on his lapel.

“Two ships? … No. I don’t care if they have clearance,” he shouted into his small headset. “The landing pads are closed until the ceremony is over … Tell them that … Look, deputy, I want to watch the ceremony. You handle it!”

The officer tried to ignore Carpenter, but she stepped in front of him. There was another beep on his hand comp.

“Just a moment,” he said to her with exasperation. He hit the button on his earpiece. “What is it? … What do you mean there’s nobody down there? The palace guards were supposed to have that area cleared out … Alright … Yes … Get back to me.”  He turned to Carpenter, his face reddening. “Yes?”

“Chief Draago? I’m Carpenter. With the Artemis of the Star Ranger Corps? We’re supposed to help coordinate security for the delegation of the GSL.”

“So? I’m kind of busy right now. The other officer is supposed to handle that. You know, the blonde one? Everyone’s here. Everyone landed okay?”

“Yes, but …”


“Talk to me … No, I haven’t seen him. He’s supposed to be with you!”  Carpenter could see the veins bulging on the chief’s neck. She gave the area another quick, nervous look around. “Is everyone taking a lunch break around here? Find him!”

He turned to Carpenter. “Look, missy, you got a problem, talk to your captain. Make sure everyone is accounted for. That’s all I can do for you right now.”

Draago spotted something across the room and hurried toward it. “Hey! Where are you going with that loader?”

Carpenter slammed her hands on her hips. “Missy …” She hit her hand comp.

“Riesga, come in.”

Flock slid into the pew beside Riesga as her hand comp buzzed softly.

“Carpenter, what is it? It’s starting,” Riesga whispered.

“Lieutenant, I think something’s wrong,” Carpenter said over the speaker. “Security is a mess. Nobody seems to be where they’re supposed to be.”

Riesga looked at Flock who gave her an “It’s okay” nod. “Well, give the place a quick check and then get back here as fast as you can.”

There was a pause, then, “Aye, Sir.”

Flock leaned into Riesga. “She’s going to be a 24-hour pain in the ass, isn’t she?”

“Shhh,” a woman from behind scolded them.

The two Rangers looked to the altar.

“I, Ander Til, give myself to Queen Diamanti of Serpens Caput, to be my wedded wife. With deepest joy I receive you into my life that together we may be one. I will be to you a loving and faithful husband. Always will I acquiesce to your headship laying under you. With deepest joy I come into my new life with you. I happily give you my life, and in confidence submit myself to loving you, obeying you, caring for you and ever seeking to please you. I will strive to help, comfort and encourage you. Therefore, throughout life, no matter what may be ahead of us, I pledge to you my life as an obedient and faithful husband.”

All eyes then turned toward Queen Diamanti.

“I concur,” she said.

Riesga leaned into Flock. “Well, that was to the point.”

“Queens. Nice job if you can get it.”

The Deaconess nodded and continued.

Carpenter and Draago were at a full run as they reached the balcony level of the cathedral. Draago was barking into his headset.

“Where the hell is everyone? … No! I can’t reach anyone at the space station either! … I don’t have the authority!”  Draago turned to Carpenter in desperation. “We’re in trouble.”

Then he looked over her shoulder …


Draago fell backward and tumbled down the steps. Carpenter spun around, quickly drawing her rayvolver, but no one was there. She carefully continued down the hallway. She could hear the orchestral music growing louder from up here. The ceremony was nearly over.

Suddenly a large hand grabbed her shoulder, then another around her throat. The blue, bejeweled body of a Diamond Warrior! His hands squeezed. She felt her feet lifted off the ground. The stink of his breath, the tightness on her larynx.

She began to lose consciousness …

The discharge of her rayvolver echoed in the hallway. The Diamond Warrior’s body spasmed and collapsed from the stun beam fired point-blank into his stomach.

Kadish raised his hand. “Point of order, Superior Mother?”

Korella nodded as she took her seat. Kadish rose, griping his robes as if in deep thought. He spoke, again, to the whole chamber. “I understand Ranna’s anger at the judged. We all know Ranna to be one of the finest vicars among us. Her fire and conviction are an inspiration to us all. However, it occurs to me that her anger and our judgment are perhaps misplaced.”

There were murmurs from the crowd.

“K’wari was taken as an orphan, a practice that has not always been looked upon favorably by our Order for reasons all too obvious to us here today. How can we blame K’wari for being the kind of person today she was when she was plucked off the street and brought to Indora? No, I submit that a judgment must not be rendered upon her but upon the person who is truly responsible here.”

Shouts rose from the crowd of vicars surrounding the Tribunal table.

K’wari felt a hot tingling at the base of her neck, like an alarm going off.

Kadish raised his hands to call for quiet. “I invoke the old way. I cite the law of Kunon and motion to render judgment against another party in K’wari’s stead.”

“Seconded,” Ranna called out.

“Motion passes,” Korella said without missing a beat. “Name the person to be judged in place of K’wari and state your case.”

“Sha-shara, the White Mother!” Kadish called out.

The crowd erupted. Odell was on her feet, her eyes boring into Korella. K’wari took a step forward but was halted by the pair of guards on either side of her.

Kadish’s finger pointed at Sha-shara. “White Mother it was you who found K’wari on the streets of Scuthe IV. It was you who brought her to Indora and lobbied for her induction into our great Order. It was you who raised her. Taught her and trained her. How can her failings be anything but your doing?”

“This is outrageous!” Odell seethed. “No one has invoked the law of Kunon since the days of the revolt.”

“The uprising was a desperate time for the order. Much like now.” Kadish’s voice rang out for all to hear. “The White Mother, who so amply demonstrated her poor judgement with K’wari went on to lead the Vicars of Yasu for more than a decade as Superior Mother. Infusing the whole of our Order with the same undesirable qualities as her nemates.” He glared hard at Odell.

“What qualities would those be?” Odell demanded.

He ignored her. “How are we to believe K’wari was not next in line for a position on the Tribunal? We’ve all seen how Sha-shara despises our new Superior Mother and all the necessary changes she’s been trying to bring to us? The White Mother seeks to stop her at every turn! Even today, trying to bring K’wari to justice, Sha-shara’s conspirators, Odell and Baras, vote in lockstep with her to prevent it!”

“You speak boldly and yet you are fruit of the same tree, Kadish,” Odell said, eyes moving between him and Korella. “There are many names, none of them good, for the kind of person who seeks to impose their will on others through force. This farce of a trial was never about K’wari. It was merely an excuse for the Superior Mother to remove the obstacles to her total control of the order!”

The audience was on its feet now and many were shouting in agreement with Odell. Though plenty tried to shout her down as well. Tempers rose quickly and the air itself was thick with the tension of a simmering conflict.

Korella rose, her eyes scanning the restless vicars above her.

“The law of Kunan is very specific and must be followed without debate in a case such as this. Therefore, I hear Kadish’s call. Judgment passes!” The Superior Mother struck the table thrice with the stone slug. “Sha-shara is stripped of her titles, her robes and her rayff. She is hereby removed from the Tribunal!”

Guards moved toward Sha-shara, their rayffs already open.

“You have doomed yourself, Korella,” said the White Mother calmly. “Why even have this travesty of justice if you alone decide?”

“It is the law,” Korella said coldly.

The crowd was on its feet, shouts were being hurled down from the stands. Dozens of vicars were leaping over the railing and moving toward the Tribunal table.

“You can’t do this!” Odell shouted moving between the White Mother and the approaching guards.

“Arrest her!” Korella bellowed. “Arrest anyone who seeks to defy the Tribunal!”

In the stands, guards began subduing the most agitated of the onlookers. Rayffs clicked open and were soon beating those who resisted.

K’wari saw guards pulling Sha-shara up from her chair. Odell was forced to her knees by a guard with a set of manacles.

The hot tingling at the base of K’wari’s neck felt like a flame. Her hands closed into trembling fists. She knew what she had to do.

“You are as one,” the Deaconess declared.

There was joyous applause as celebratory music began to play.

Jette lowered her eyes when Diamanti and Ander took each other in their arms.  But they raised as she heard the distant, familiar sound of a rayvolver firing.

“Congratulations!” a voice boomed above the clapping.

All heads turned as Zeta stepped out of the darkness and strode smugly down the center aisle.  The musicians stopped playing. Jette’s hand slammed against her hip, yanking her rayvolver free.

“A wonderful ceremony, people of Caput. People of Kauda.  Today truly is a special day!” Zeta’s eyes fixed on Jette as she approached the altar. “By all means, blast away, Captain Jones. But make sure your aim is true. We wouldn’t want any innocents in harm’s way.”

In a flash, the outside aisles were filled with Zeta’s soldiers.  There was not a palace guard to be seen.

Zeta smiled sinisterly at Jette.

“Go ahead, Captain. Shoot. Right here. Right at my heart. But you won’t.  Because I am the only one who can stop what is about to happen.  And you know it.”

Jette took a step forward, brushing away Diamanti’s outstretched hand.

“As we speak, my armies have descended upon Soma,” Zeta continued. “And Kauda. And even my home world, Serpentarius.  And they have a dagger to the throat of Caput.”

An older man in the wedding party stepped forward. “What is it that you want?”

“That should be clear, Vice Chancellor. I want to rule Te’ Sareez as the Suzerain Supreme.  And here we are all assembled to make that happen.  You don’t believe me?  All it will take is for the Suzerain Council to make it so. The High Clerics will abide by their decision.”

Zeta heard a snicker over her shoulder and her brows narrowed.

“The alternative is no less assured. I could take what I want. Now.” Her eyes fixed on Jette again. “Stopping me won’t stop the inevitable, Captain Jones.  My army will attack.”

Zeta turned toward the hundreds seated in the cathedral.

“People of Te’ Sareez!  I, Zeta, daughter of Zurkana, lay claim as Suzerain Supreme. The queen of queens. There is but one thing for you to do.

“Surrender … or die!”

To be continued …

Director's Commentary

The cover for this issue is our second that was fully created using AI image generation tools. The technology, despite being unwieldy, is truly remarkable. Where my workflow typically involves hours of time searching for suitable image assets to composite together, now I can actually start with a firm idea in mind and bring that to life through sketches and quick photo-bashed collages. Once I’ve got a rough draft assembled, the AI tools make it remarkably easy to turn the initial idea into a more fully formed rendering.

Author’s Note: We are skipping May and making this the June issue. We’re already so far behind that we want to give ourselves a full month to deliver 17 in July. May just became our “lost issue” maybe we’ll follow up on that one day.  -C&C

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    Wow, a real cliffhanger, with many thread running, and all of them exciting and well written 🙂 There can be no doubt of the finale, but getting there is fun and sexy. Love it all <3 Kudos to the writers!!!

  • avatar


    Wow! The order of Yasu at war with itself and Queen Zeta seems to have everything she wants at hand. I’m so looking forward to finding out what happens next!

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      Yes indeed, drama everywhere this issue! What will become of Jette if Queen Zeta gets *everything* she wants? Stay tuned for more!

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    Oh My!!! Two worlds about to be overrun by the evil doers, while Jette was asleep at the wheel – distracted by her own distain for the wedding – and Flock all Flocked Up by Zeta once again, always a sucker for a sexy blonde in green goo. Is it going to be Carpenter to the rescue or will Jette find a way out of this mess? At least K’wari is about to do what she knows she must – I just hope it works, whatever it will be. I’m ready to dive into Part 17 to find out!

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