Greetings dear reader connie k and myself are delighted to inform you that the March issue is finally out! Yes, we know. It’s nearly May. Sometimes life happens. A lot.

In any case, we’re finally here and delighted to be sharing the final chapter of our current Jette Jones story: The Rock of Epsilon. This issue was quite challenging in a number of ways. As sometimes happens when we get to the final chapter of a story we realize we’ve got a bunch of threads to tie up. This issue had that and then some.

This issue was also challenging because it needed to set up some things for our next couple of stories. So, in some ways it had to pull double duty. Anyway, the long and short of it is that writing and editing this one just wasn’t as quick a process as we’d hoped.

But, it’s finally done and the good news is that the next issue is all tied up as well. So, you won’t have to wait long at all for that one. Thanks, as always, from connie and myself and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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