Welcome back dear readers! We’ve returned with an all new issue of Jette Jones for your reading pleasure. The stakes, the tension and the eroticism are dialed up another notch this month as Jette gathers allies in her fight against Suzerain Supreme Zeta and the mysterious Goddess of Darkness.

This was an issue that was both fun and challenging. There’s a lot of plates to keep spinning and threads we need to start weaving now so we can draw them together later. On top of that, we want to see a certain level of sexiness, intrigue and action. It’s always a bit like inventing a recipe, each issue, and always a huge amount fun to work alongside connie k!

In terms of the cover, I’m growing more and more comfortable using AI tools within my workflow and that’s expanding the scope of imagery that we can produce for these stories. Lately, I’ve been working on refining my process to get higher and higher quality results from Stable Diffusion. That’s been a tremendous boon for me as covers like this one take so long with traditional photoshop work.

That’s it for now, we hope you enjoy the latest issue of Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger and, as always, your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome!

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