Welcome back friends!

As a reader pointed out to me recently, I have neglected the news feed here despite posting not one but TWO new issues of the Jette Jones series. I wish I had an excuse other than “super busy” but that’s what it boils down to. I published both 17 & 18 and promptly dove back into whatever freelance project was demanding my attention.

But I’ve got a few spare moments this evening so I thought I’d update the blog with the good news that Jette 17 is in the gallery alongside Issue 18. Further, Jette 19 is coming along as we speak!

These past few issues have steered our heroes in a dark direction with big stakes, big action and big sexy mind melting goodness. There’s plenty more of all that in store as we build towards the culmination of our new Jette Jones story: Fate of the Stars.

We hope you’re enjoying the adventures with our girls and we’ll have more coming up soon!

From connie and I, thanks for reading!


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