Yes, once again we are late with the new issue of Jette Jones. But only by a week this time! And the even better news is that we’re hard at work on #16 right now. As much as we jam packed in issue #14 we also had a lot to do in issue #15.

The story is going to be going some exciting places in the coming issues and all of these pieces need a foundation before we can build them up. Oh, and we’ve got make sure and build in as much hot-as-hell erotic mind control too! As you’ll see on the cover, this issue sees the return of an infamous Jette Jones villain. One who is renowned for using mind control to get her devious way!

Speaking of the cover, this one is our first with all AI-generated images. I’ve incorporated bits of AI generated stuff in previous issue covers but all the characters, the equipment and background environment for this cover were AI generated.

AI art gives me incredible freedom to create from my imagination but it has a very steep learning curve and a wholly different set of problems to my usual approach. I’ll probably do a blog entry just talking about the process of creating this cover as it was a really interesting journey.

But that’s for another time. For now, connie and I hope you enjoy the latest issue of Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger!


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