Tammy and Elise EvansI don’t have that many mind-control dreams (and I typically do remember my dreams), maybe three or four in my adult life. Even then, its usually a small facet of something else going on. Last night though, I had probably the most overt mc dream I can remember. I had come across a picture archive last night and found a particularly interesting set featuring a domme in a black leather trench coat with matching opera gloves . I saved the pics in question just before I went to sleep and as I was drifting off, I was thinking how much I wish Alina were still here to share them with…she would have gotten quite a kick out of them.

My memory of the dream picks up post-coitus. The leather-clad domme from the photos took off her trench coat and told me to put it on. She said she had something she wanted to show me downstairs. As happens often in my dreams I’m seeing myself in the third person, my body walking around with ‘me’ trailing behind. What’s odd is that my body never bothered to get dressed and ‘I’m’ the one wearing the trench coat. So both of me get on an elevator and go down (typical right?) to the basement.

In stark contrast to the large manor upstairs, the basement is abuzz with people in white lab coats filtering in and out of rooms into a small hallway. I suddenly feel very meek and submissive; lowering my head and avoiding eye contact. One of the lab coat people sees me and gets very interested. He leads me to a room at the end of the hall. When we enter, I’ve lost track of my body and its just ‘me’ who goes inside. Like the hallway there’s a number of the lab coat people inside a classroom. A couple dozen people sit in front of laptops in the rows of tables and chairs that fill the room. I’m directed to a seat at the front.

I sit down and headphones are placed on me; I’m told to listen to the music; I know it has subliminal commends embedded within. I listen. I don’t like the music; fucking techno. I’m disappointed there’s nothing on the laptop screen to look at, just the music player. After a minute or two I don’t care anymore, its like the music isn’t even there, just this throbbing wash of sound. I stay that way for little while, floating. Then, the headphones are being pulled off me by a real-life friend (who has, coincidentally, just instant messaged me as I write this; weird). I’m suddenly aware I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting there; it feels much longer than I’m aware of.

I sense there’s more I’m supposed to listen to; something my friend is sparing me from. I stand up and my body feels impossibly heavy; I was sitting in front of the laptop a very long time. My head feels strange, like my brain is congested. I walk towards the door of the classroom. I focus on the door handle and suddenly my vision explodes with line after line of repeating text telling me I’m obedient to Goddess, must serve Goddess, and the like. Its all written in the font I do my manip captions in. I have an overwhelming urge to return to the laptop and put the headphones back on. I stand frozen in place trying to decide what to do and then…I wake up.

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