H.P. Lovecraft gets mad-love in the mc community. Particularly with the likes of Tabico, thrall, Lady K, and others who aren’t averse to wandering into squicky waters. I’m a fan of Lovecraft and an even bigger fan of Guillermo del Toro (btw, if you’ve never seen The Devil’s Backbone, get it now). As such, I’m patiently waiting for Del Toro to get around to making his adaptation of Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness.

As that film recently hit a bump, I may be waiting a long time. Until then, this very intriguing short film may have to suffice. Its an Italian, animated storybook that moves through Mountains in about 30 min and, despite some pretty simple animation, is nonetheless very enjoyable. So, if you’ve never read Lovecraft…go read Lovecraft. If you HAVE read Lovecraft, then give this a spin and see how it compares to what you see in your head.

Oh and by-the-by I’m collaborating with an old friend on some spicy new naughtiness. More details soon.

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