tile_template_maskGreetings faithful reader. Life these days is busy and breaking away to indulge this site isn’t always easy (though it is often on my mind). I find myself frustrated at not having adequate time to work on spicy manips, animation, and video but ‘real life’ duties must take priority. However, while my time is sparse, I have been able to chip away at a manip project I’ve had in the works for some time now. Its a multi-part animated manip not too unlike my last big outing: The Room.

I’m not ready to say more at this time, but I thought with a “I’m still alive” post, I might at least tickle your imagination with some abstract imagery that will factor into this manip in a big way. So, at this point you may have been asking yourself about the geometric construct pictured above; I can only say that it is the key to this new series. While I have had the story and base images for this manip series finalized for many months, the technical requirements of this image you see now have proven to be quite an undertaking. Perfectionist though I am, I’ve considered several times just going with a non-animated version to put it out there and be done with it.

But, we all know I love a challenge way to much to do that.

So, while that delays the final unveiling, I do think it will make the wait all the more worthwhile. I’ll tease you again sometime as I get a bit closer to completion; until then, know that I’m just as eager to share this with you fine folks as (I hope) you are to see it.



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