I’ve been hard at work on smut recently. I’ve got a series of commission pieces I’m working on, I’m pondering on and collecting material for a long-gestating collaboration with thrall, and I’ve got new animations in the pipe. The first of which, will be unveiled on Friday, June 3rd.

Now, this is not the squicky follow-up to Worm that I teased on the podcast. I’m still writing on that. I have a clear path of where I want to take the story. But, I reached the first major scene and I want to get it right so bad, I stopped writing it entirely. I get that way sometimes. Especially when I feel like the whole, or best version of the, idea hasn’t shaken loose yet. Which is now.

While I wait on that, I’ve put fingers to keys and written about 1500 words on the manip for this weekend. The animation has been finished for months now. But, I didn’t have a surge of inspiration for the story back then and so on the shelf it has sat.

I’ve already done a first pass at editing, which took the word count down to about 900. It was feeling a bit indulgent but, more so, I want to save some of those ideas for another manip-in-progress where I think they’ll fit in better. So, I’ve got a bit of polishing to do, which I’ll get to today or tomorrow.

Bring your imagination, leave your pants, and I’ll see you on Friday!

P.S. If you haven’t already, check out Tabico’s new blog: Tabico Secret Files. This post was directly inspired by her recent updates and I hope to follow her example by making blogging here a habit instead of an occasional threat.

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