I don’t think many of us in the EMC community would argue that our fetish is, by and large, one confined to the realm of fantasy. Yes, hypnosis is real, yes hypnosis works for some people. But actual hypnosis and the fetish-flavor we tend to peddle in are rarely the same thing. No mystical hypno-orbs; no mind-controlling serpents; no flashlight-shaped devices that turn people into slaves. Many of the trapping of our fetish can only exist in the imagination.

Many, but not all.

Now, if you want to get really nitty-picky about things, I’m turned on by hypnosis; I certainly eroticize mind control; but what I go full-on-fetish-fever for is brainwashing. Now, in this context (erotic mind control), brainwashing entails visors and googles; headphones and helmets, beds and chairs with straps to hold down unwilling girls…until they are made to be willing.

The apparatus I associate with erotic brainwashing factors largely into my creative endeavors within this fetish. But, as I started out today, much of that is just fantasy; it isn’t real. At least, not for most of us.

Most, but not all.

Over the weekend, I was hunting for something and I plugged ‘brainwashing goggles’ into google. A few interesting links filled the first page, more than a few references to Lost and Room 23. On the second page I was a bit pleased to see a link to my own corner of the web and then I glanced over a link to a blog I’d never heard of. The blog of a woman who actually does the sorts of things I manipulate into photos.

She and her Master (I believe they are married at this point) have a very loving D/s relationship. Part of the way they practice that, sometimes involves her dressing from head-to-toe in latex, being strapped into a dentist chair, covering her head with earphones and a special gas mask that has been modified to include trance googles inside, and having electrics, and suction, and vibrating sex toys applied to her body. All this occurs while her Master speaks through a microphone to implant his words deep into her mind.

Now, in all fairness I think that brainwashing is one of a multitude of fetishes she has, with BDSM being her primary focus. If you check out her site’s tag archive for the word ‘brainwashing’ she hasn’t written about any experiences in over a year. However, what she does relate is plenty amazing, scorching hot to read, and, very often, accompanied by pictures.

If you’re as intrigued as I am to read more, head over to This girl’s weblog to find out what happens when one couple lives out the things many of us, only fantasize about.


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    I found her site a while ago, and I adore what her husband did with that dental chair. Although I will repeat what I’ve said almost every time I’ve wandered by there: Fucking engineers, they have all the cool toys

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    And it’s so hard to get the licensing to be a Fucking Engineer! A Fucking degree from a properly accredited college, the Fundamentals of Fucking Engineering (FFE) board exam, the Principals and Practice in Fucking Engineering exam… and those fuckers on the National Council of Examiners for Fucking, Screwing and Mutual Masturbation (NCEFSMM) are real sticklers! Your Fucking tolerances have to be up to five sigma, depending on location, application, and angle!

    Of course, that’s to become a Fucking Engineer in the United States, licensing is different – but no less onerous – in other countries.

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    I hear the University of Phoenix has a Fucking Engineering program that people can work on from home, but none of those big-time Fucking Engineer fucks takes them seriously.

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    Grimly Feendish

    Well thank you for linking to the wife’s blog 🙂

    We have a lot of fun playing with our fantasies and I have been influenced over the years by MC stories. I guess I am lucky that I do have the skills to turn some of these mad ideas into a sort of working reality. Callidus, I really love your manips and I think your work is brilliant. I am also a fan of Tabico’s writing so I am flattered that you have found my brand of insanity to your liking.



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