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The Black Room – Episode 003


On this episode: a new gynoid-riffic tale from Jukebox, the latest addition to my Animation gallery, a terrific spin-off of the Impero mythos from Sleepless Doktor and thrall enters The Black Room in an epic two-part interview that you don’t want to miss!

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Part 2 of My Interview is Online

Part 2 of My Interview is Online

Hi all, just checking in with a quick update to let everyone know that part 2 of my interview is now online. This segment deals with my various influences, my approach to my work, and a bit of advice for those looking to do their photo-manipulations.

Do check it out and please let thrall know if you enjoyed the interview. I had a great time and I’d love to see her continue on interviewing others in the mind control fetish community.

Quickly, I’ll also add that I’ve been fixing some bugs on the site today and trying to get everything back to 100% after the move to the new hosting provider. If you do spot anything that doesn’t appear to be working as it should, don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know.

Part 1 of an Interview with Me is Online

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Part 1 of an Interview with Me is Online

I talk a lot on this blog. I’ve never really mastered brevity. But, as much as I talk, I don’t think I’ve ever discussed how I became interested in erotic mind control; or how I first discovered the online emc community; or how I actually got started doing photo manips way back when.

I’ve answered these and many other excellent questions posed by thrall in an interview she conducted with me recently. The first part is online now over on her blog and the second part should be released this weekend. So, if you’re interested in knowing a bit more about me, how I approach my work, and why am as hopelessly kinked as I am, then pop on over and have a read!

Thanks to thrall for giving me the opportunity to talk about all this. I’m glad to have had the occasion to force myself to recall some of the details surrounding my early emc memories and getting involved with the online scene. I hadn’t really thought about any of that for years so it was nice to remember for it myself and to share it with her.

I hope you’ll have a read and learn something new about your humble artist and his kink. Be sure to let her know if you enjoy it.

Your Friend and Mine, A. Regina Cantatis

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Your Friend and Mine, A. Regina Cantatis

What’s that you say? You don’t know A. Regina Cantatis? Well, I bet you do. Ms. Cantatis is the pen name of prolific erotic mind control fiction author, and I’m proud to say my good friend, thrall. “But wait,” I hear you already thinking, “isn’t ‘thrall’ already a pen name?” Yes, that’s certainly true. But I think you’d also agree that its better-suited to the pages of The Archive or The Garden than the pages of say…an honest-to-goodness e-novel.

That’s right my friends! thrall has ventured out into the world of e-publishing and already has released three of her most imaginative tales of EMC-sci-fi-sexiness as downloadable e-books. Currently, she’s selling Love in a Silver Socket, one of my favorites from her back-catalog, and her most recent (and some of her finest) work: Sleepwalkers on Amazon. You can also pick up those titles, as well as her seminal squick classic Octopus Vulgaris over on her store at Smashwords.

Now, you didn’t hear this from me but… I bet if you wandered over to her blog and checked out this post, you might just snag a coupon code to save 25% off Sleepwalkers on Smashwords; good for the next two weeks.

Now, I certainly can’t speak for all of you and the e-reading devices you might own, but I can say, with some authority, that I, and my iPad, are really quite tickled to have a few titles from thrall sitting alongside my complete collection of Sherlock Holmes stories and a deluxe edition of HP Lovecraft shorts.

Every week I visit The Archive, I wish there were donation buttons so I could show my appreciation for the talented authors that I follow there. I’d love to be able to show them how much I value the time they invest in sharing their imagination and craft with all of us. I’m so very, very pleased to finally have the opportunity to give a little something back to support the writing efforts of one of our communities greatest authors.

The fact that she is a dear friend of mine is just icing on the cake.

So, I hope you’ll join me by checking out the Amazon and Smashwords store-fronts for A. Regina Cantatis and that you too will find a happy home for her e-books in your electronic reader of choice.