I talk a lot on this blog. I’ve never really mastered brevity. But, as much as I talk, I don’t think I’ve ever discussed how I became interested in erotic mind control; or how I first discovered the online emc community; or how I actually got started doing photo manips way back when.

I’ve answered these and many other excellent questions posed by thrall in an interview she conducted with me recently. The first part is online now over on her blog and the second part should be released this weekend. So, if you’re interested in knowing a bit more about me, how I approach my work, and why am as hopelessly kinked as I am, then pop on over and have a read!

Thanks to thrall for giving me the opportunity to talk about all this. I’m glad to have had the occasion to force myself to recall some of the details surrounding my early emc memories and getting involved with the online scene. I hadn’t really thought about any of that for years so it was nice to remember for it myself and to share it with her.

I hope you’ll have a read and learn something new about your humble artist and his kink. Be sure to let her know if you enjoy it.

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