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Welcome Back!

Greetings all, I know its taken quite a bit of time to accomplish, but the site’s new theme is finally complete (mostly) and I am, officially, back in the “making mind control smut” business. There’s more to talk about but I’m exhausted so it will have to wait until a bit later in the weekend….

Well, its finally happening. I’ve begun the process of updating the website with a brand new theme and brand new content. The update process is going to take most of this week and things may be broken here and there as I work behind the scenes to get everything in order. Please bear with me…

Hello again, true believers! I don’t have a terrifically large amount of news to share with you tonight, however what little I have is quite good. The design phase of the new site theme is 99% finished. The bells and whistles have been added, the layout has been tweaked, the divs have been floated, etc, etc….

Maintenance, House Keeping, and Browser Compatibility, Oh My

As some of you are already aware, my site was down late last week. Fortunately it wasn’t anything too serious…other than an erroneous report of being infected with malware. Anyhoo, things are back up and running now, hopefully even a bit faster than before. As part of combatting the strain on my web hosts’s resources…