Hello again, true believers!

I don’t have a terrifically large amount of news to share with you tonight, however what little I have is quite good. The design phase of the new site theme is 99% finished. The bells and whistles have been added, the layout has been tweaked, the divs have been floated, etc, etc. I would call it “100%,” but I suddenly thought a couple days ago that I might like to have a poll function where I could ask questions of you fine folks and get feedback on things, maybe do contests and such.

Who knows?

I’ve got some research and testing to do this evening that will determine if I go ahead and incorporate it now. It may have to be a feature that comes online down the road. It all depends on how easy it is to work with and incorporate into the existing design of the new theme. So, time will tell.

The next phase is extensive cross-platform testing to make sure the experience is consistent. I’m hopeful that Bootstrap will take care of the heavy lifting there. In fact, the headache of trying to design a theme that worked well across the major browsers and keep that code updated was one of the principle reasons I decided to switch to using a framework in the first place. I started on Foundation (as I think I’d mentioned previously) but ended up with the latest release of Bootstrap. Its a long story that I can tell another time.

theme-teasePoint is, I have testing to do next. Then, I need to consolidate a lot of my code and optimize things to be as fast as possible once its live on the site. Then some data-transfer to handle…and then it might just be finished.

How soon? Sooner than it was the last time we spoke. I won’t give an ETA yet but things are progressing nicely given my ridiculous workload. I’m quite pleased.

I appreciate you all hanging in there and being patient. The wait really is going to be worth it. As a thank you, I thought you might enjoy having a sneak-peak at the new landing page. See you next time!

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