Its not every day that I get to say that in a blog title: “New Video.” After more than a year of work, I am very happy to announce a new entry in the Videos section. You can read on for my director’s commentary, but first, on behalf of Tabico and myself, we are very pleased to unveil: Decisive Results.

This manip, like most of them, starts with me saving something to my enormous ‘manip material’ folder and then forgetting about it. It was probably May of last year when I came across it again and had that little voice in my head whisper ‘Do something with this, now!” So, I started doing some editing with the footage and cut together a scene that I thought played quite convincingly as erotic mind control. I knew with some visual-fx kung fu I could turn it into full-on hypno-fetish fodder (three times fast), but I wanted more than just a hot scene with EMC, I wanted a story.

At the time, Tabico and I had already been working together for months on a different project (in fact it was the ‘big collaboration’ I mentioned in the post for Nickelodeon). I had gotten burned out and needed to move on to something else or I was just going to stall creatively. Tabico completely understood and very patiently went along as I proposed shelving what we’d been doing and starting fresh with this video.

So we began brainstorming ideas and ironing out the plot and the characters. That went on for months while I was quietly laying the ground work for all the animation and visual fx work that would need to be done. Around the end of last year we had our initial work print assembled and began several rounds of critique and refinement as we slowly crafted all the details into coalescence.

Then we entered the beta-test with our group of volunteers, discussed and implemented some of their feedback and whadda you know? Thirteen months after we started we’ve got ourselves a video manip!

This project was a very demanding one in terms of endurance. While the work involved was not terribly difficult in most cases, there was plenty of it. Everything connected to the animation of scenes 1 and 3 was very tedious and cumbersome; especially making changes for mistakes or tweaks. If I ever venture into these waters again, I think I’ll just record my computer screen instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

By contrast, scene 2 was pure joy to work on. Bringing that situation to life; implementing all sorts of aesthetic cues that I’ve developed and used in photos and animations…that was really fun.

In terms of writing, I really enjoyed what we were able to accomplish and, especially, the characters that were born out of all this. As I’ve already told a couple of email correspondents, I hope this isn’t the last we see of Ms. R or her friend Sark.

Lastly, I’d like to thank a few people. First, to our group of beta testers who gave such detailed and helpful feedback. Thank you all very much for taking the time to record your thoughts and share them with us, it really was helpful to get your input and I think you’ll see that reflected in the final version of the video.

Of course, I cannot sign off without saying something highly complimentary of Tabico. She is one of the greatest talents in our community and I feel so very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her again. She and I are on nearly the same wavelength in terms of what pushes our buttons and our casual approach to collaboration makes these ventures not only artistically fulfilling, but ridiculously fun.

Thank you Tabs. Thank you so very much for going on this road-trip with me.

Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to thank you, my dear reader. I know I don’t update that often, that I’m very sporadic with releasing new work, and that I’m sometimes very, very slow to respond to email. Thank you for checking back here, thank you for your comments here on the site, and thank you for your emails. Knowing that someone out there is connecting with the things I create is incredibly satisfying and I appreciate each and every one of you who have taken the time to let me know that you’ve enjoyed something I’ve created.

As always, your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome.


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