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Greetings and salutations. This time around I’d like to highlight a couple of authors who have been contributing for some time, but whose work I only recently discovered. One of my favorite past times is perusing through reader’s picks on the EMCSA and the MC Forum (and as of late the Garden), looking for new authors to read. I liken it to those guys with the metal detectors roaming through the forest looking for buried jewelry to give their sweethearts. Except finding mc pay-dirt is infinitely more rewarding and less…what’s the word? Stupid.

And so:

zorkmeister recently posted his fourth story Loveblind to the EMCSA, though his earliest dates back to 2004. I hardly know were to begin with him. He and I share an identical list of authors who’ve influenced and inspired us. He’s one of a handful of authors that I can point to and say if I were to ever pen a tale, I’d want it to be like that. His stories are dramatic, tense, and so very, very human. And I love that if you tear his work down to its most basic parts, its really all about relationships. He’s able to maintain very human drama while weaving some of the most blazingly hot erotica to be found anywhere. Of course he shares my predilection for brainwashing chairs, so I may be a little biased.

Flibinite or Jo to those who know her from the Garden and MC Forum was until recently a stranger to me. I stumbled onto her terrific story A Gift Beyond Imagining through an old post from the MC Forum. After finishing that, I just couldn’t believe I had never seen her stuff before, given her incredible talent. In addition to the eleven stories on the EMCSA she’s got a huge catalog of stuff posted to the MC Forum and the Garden of MC. Here’s a list of a bunch of her stuff from the MC Forum. And I’ll play favorites again and recommend this excellent series she did called Dangerous Duo. Its a Justice League Unlimited fanfic concerning the bondage and mental enslavement of all your favorite female JL members. Its fantastic, hot, and best of all true to the source material. If you’re a fan of the show (as I am) you’ll really appreciate how true-to-life her characters are. Its not to be missed. And face it, you know you want to find out about all the erotic possibilities of Wonder Woman’s magic lasso.

I’m out, I’ll see you all next time. Thanks for your listenership.

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