In the spirit of trying to get back to updating regularly, its time to unleash some new picks for the week of Christmas. Some stories are new, others aren’t but all have caught my eye and held my attention and I hope they do the same for you. First up is a new tale from the always-talented sara castle. Enciphered is a slow, anxious build that only brings everything into sharp focus in its final moments. Set in one of sara’s characteristically dystopian futures, the plot plays with time to a truly fantastic effect and the heat, as always, is steaming.

Next up is a story that’s been on the EMCSA for a while but its become one of my favs and I’d like to show it a little love. In Chris Chris’ tale of solitary submission, Place Your Hands on the Grips, Jessica struggles against the mind-control “sex toy” she’s plugged herself up to, realizing only too late its much more real and dangerous than any of her mc fantasies. She resists but, of course, fantasizing about being brainwashed and enslaved is what put her in this situation to start with and where the story goes from there is every bit as molten hot as you’re imagining right now. Go…read. You won’t be sorry.

This next one might seem a bit self-serving but blogging is a business of lies and self-promotion (just like show business). Thrall has posted Ethna Redux, the story she mentioned in our recent interview and I’m here to say, its a great read. Filled with all the great twists and turns one would expect from her work, Ethna also delivers on thrall’s promise to play nice with her male protagonist this time. Of course, when there’s winged-tricksters involved “nice” is a relative term, but I don’t think Lord Kerovan is in any position to complain. Its another great tale, from one of the finest authors we have: red-hot, humorous, and even a little romantic.

And speaking of thrall, I need to give credit here for her recent post which announced the return of another mc-fiction heavyweight: Sara H. Sara, as you may know, has been away for a while and requested her stories be pulled from the Archive. She’s recently returned and her catalog as been reinstated at the EMCSA.

This is the fourth time I’ve started this paragraph, trying to figure out how to say what I really want to say… I’ll settle by simply telling you that Sara is one of the finest authors to ever grace and that her work was particularly integral to me picking up photo manipping. Sara was, in fact, the very first author I ever worked up the nerve to email and one of my very early manips, Training CD’s, featured a little shout-out to one of my fav stories from her: Harmonic Conversion II – House O’ Wrist. I guess want I want to say is that I’m really glad she’s back, and I’ll leave it at that.

So, in closing, I hope everyone has a happy Christmas, a spectacular New Year, and if you don’t celebrate one or both of those festivities then I’ll wish you a wonderful holiday, whatever it may be. And if you’ll permit me to interrupt your live television broadcast and do my best Bill Murray impression: FAH LA LA LA LAAAAA LA LA LA LAAAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAAA!

I love you all, see you next time.

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