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 - Featuring Faith Leon , Nikki Nova

Faith slowed to a stop and killed the headlight. The pounding bass from the club throbbed in the alley and was a pleasant compliment as the Ducati purred between her legs. ‘No sense riding around on a 112 horsepower vibrator if you can’t enjoy it every now and then’, she smirked inwardly.

The vampire was close.

Probably in the club. Hunting. It had fed well, and recently, which meant it wasn’t looking for food. Faith reached into her saddle bag for a crossbow, noticing the faintest hint of a shadow in the dim light. When she turned back the vampire was already on top of her.

Faith held still. Her reflexes were probably twice that of the nightwalker. If she just let the thing rush her she could get this over with quick and clean. Maybe even have time to visit the club. ‘No sense wearing a leather catsuit if you can’t enjoy it every now and-’ Faith’s inner monologue cut short.

The vampire was smirking.

Smirking at her humorless little joke. It was reading her mind. Shit. If it was a mental then it had been sired by a powerful master. Her hand closed around the crossbow’s handle. If it could read her mind then it would be best not to take the chance that it could also-


Faith’s eyes locked onto the thing’s breasts as it pulled off the slinky, sequined top and she gasped with how easily its will slid into her mind: and at how nice the bike’s humming engine suddenly felt between her thighs. The vampire began to sway gently and Faith’s head followed, rocking slowly, eyes glued to the soft, dark nipples.

‘Too bad.’ she thought ‘Spending eternity with a second-rate tit job.’ With a start she realized that she was thinking for herself. ‘The thing might have been able to buzz my motor functions, but that’s as far as its getting.’ Faith centered herself and pushed back with her own mind. The strength surged back into her body with a flood of warmth. She smiled, fingers closing around the crossbow’s trigger, looking up, eager to see the thing’s surprise as its body turned to ash around its dead heart.

The vampire was looking at her.

Not at her. Into her. Its eyes were like green suns. Faith could almost see them flickering, pulsing in time with her own heartbeat.

“Let go”

The crossbow slipped from her fingers, clanging loudly on the concrete: her left hand opened around the clutch and the bike’s motor died. Faith hardly noticed except for missing the pleasant throb on her clit.

“Poor thing. Do you need something to make your pussy feel good?”

The thing’s eyes flared and Faith felt it between her legs. Her groan echoed in the alley as the vampire impaled her on its will. Her thighs spasmed as she fucked the bike’s seat, eyes locked on the vampire’s. The thing’s voice was inside her head. “So much conflict within you. Such great pride in your prowess at vanquishing my children…when all you really desire is to be conquered yourself”. Faith whimpered and tried to look away, managing only to turn her head as her eyes stayed riveted on the green orbs.

The vampire pushed fantasy after molten-hot fantasy into her mind. Setting each nerve ending of her clit on fire with its iron will. Stuffing her holes with enormous plastic cocks, zipping up the leather suit around them, sending her off to ride the bike’s merciless throb until she was broken. Or sending her back to the Order with a little wind-up present inside her head. They’d never suspect anything, neck and shoulders free of any puncture wounds, as she stripped off the leather to a slow droning beat before their drooping eyes. So many other places than the neck to drink from: better places to tease and nibble. Faith’s body spasmed around her pulsing clit and she almost didn’t recognize her own throaty voice as she begged the vampire to mind fuck her again…before it ate her soul.

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Published on May 19, 2008

Director's Commentary

My first manip exploring vampire mind control. Inspiration was rooted, obviously, in the Buffy-verse. I thought it was a fun little joke that the leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding Faith of that franchise shared a moniker with the leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding adult model in the photo set I’d stumbled on.

The image itself was quite ambitious for me at the time and involved five images layered atop each other to create the final composite.

A really fun bit of business.

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