Published on July 21, 2005
 - Featuring Alura Eden , Jessica Jaymes

When I got home from the office, I heard a strange sound from the rear of the house. As I cautiously made my way toward the bedroom, I could hear my wife panting, “No, I haven’t, I swear! Oh god please! I promise I haven’t!” I crept closer, then I heard another woman’s voice, it was familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. “Are you sure?”, she asked in an amused tone. “I SWEAR!” my wife yelled. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of flesh impacting on flesh. She was slapping my wife!

I charged into the room and had a moment of instant recognition, the voice I’d heard had been Jessica, our maid! I was so surprised she was here on a Tuesday that it took a moment to realize that she was definitely not slapping my wife. She stopped her rhythmic thrusting and fixed her gaze on me. My wife screamed and pushed herself backwards, trying to force our maid to keep fucking her. “I swear Mistress, I’ve been good! I haven’t been trying to think for myself!” Jessica smiled ”She’s very well trained, I’ve been giving her lessons for weeks now. Why don’t you shut the door, and you can watch us finish today’s lesson, then we can talk about when yours start.”

Director's Commentary

Something about the idea of power exchange and role-reversal was working on my mind here because almost the only thing that I did to this image was at the lacy maid’s cap to the hypnotist. For whatever reason, that really appealed to me where the original image was quite vanilla.

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