Marquesa DeVice

Basil and Alice are captured by former League member, Irene Adler.
Published on September 14, 2022
 - Featuring Isis Love , January Seraph

The man inhaled sharply as he woke. The vapors had left him groggy and it took him a moment to realize the feeling of being trapped inside his body owed more to the bonds at his wrists and ankles than from the effects of the chloroform. He was bent over, on hands and knees, atop a padded piece of furniture that seemed designed to hold a human body in the position he was now in.

This was all part of a plan and he was quite certain he knew whose plan. “Hello, Ms. Adler.” He turned and confirmed his suspicion. She was watching him from a nearby sofa. Beside her was the kidnapped daughter of Duke Sanz’obar, the young woman’s legs were splayed wide and her teal gown was riding up on her waist.

Her eyes were strangely empty as she idly stroked her inner thighs.

Adler swirled an ornate glass with a gold rim and inhaled the brown liquid within. “Hello, Professor. I’m sure neither of us are surprised to find ourselves here, together again. Though, I do imagine you pictured our reunion a bit… differently.”

“Yes, Irene. I’d hoped we could recover you. I never gave up hope, as the months turned to years, that we might one day free you from what happened. From what he’s turned you into.”

She laughed. “You’d sooner free an enslaved man from freedom, Professor.”

“My name is Basil. Or has he stolen your memory as well, Irene? Has he taken all our years working side by side? The cases we worked? All the good we did?”

She laughed again. Louder this time. “Just the opposite, Professor. I quite enjoy thinking back to our adventures together. My knowledge of you, as a man and investigator, has proven quite an advantage to my husband and I. As your current position testifies.”

He tested his bonds, which yielded only slightly. He had but a few options, however he’d won many hands with lesser cards than he held now. “I came alone, Irene. I’ll gladly trade myself for His Grace’s daughter if you’d but release her.”

“Come now, Professor, you’re a clever man. Surely you realize that I’m already planning to release her? How else will I gain control of her father if my loyal pet never returns to her wealthy and powerful family? And, Professor? We both know you didn’t come alone.”

At this, a figure stepped out from behind the sofa where he could see. Her dark hair, normally done up on her head, was freed and framed her pretty features. She wore her leather harness, normally where she anchored her arsenal of throwing knives, over a sheer white gown. It was clearly meant to mock her.

His eyes hardened. “Has she hurt you, Alice?” His protege did not answer. Her brown eyes looked ahead, staring into nothing. Whatever she was seeing, it was not him.

“Isis, it’s improper for a gentleman to refer to a married woman by her given name. The Professor has used mine three times. Punish him.”

He twisted in the bonds, trying to look her in the eyes as she approached him. “Isis?! What has she done to you? Alice, what has– ahhhhh!” He cried out as she struck him across the back with her leather whip, the one she normally wielded in their fight for justice. Once, twice, then again. The welts were instantly red and raised.

“I’m quite afraid, Professor,” she took a long drink from her glass, “that your protege is now, decidedly, my protege.”

He gasped for air, trying to calm his mind and master the pain. “Where is he?! Where is your monster of a husband?”

“You have me to blame for Isis’ conversion, Professor. I’ve learned all my husband’s methods and developed quite a few of my own. As you’ll soon discover. She was easily tamed. Much more so than I was. And, I don’t mind admitting, I was a very easy slut to tame.”

“Enough! I will stop your fiendish organization. I have all the evidence I need: your smuggling operation at the docks, the Canal Club front for your slavery ring and the nickelodeon arcades throughout the city. I will see the Marquis DeVice shackled in London tower before I’m finished!”

“I’m afraid not, Professor. You’ve meddled in our plans for the last time. Our cat and mouse game has always been good sport but I’m afraid this time you’ve simply learned too much.”

“Killing me won’t change anything Ms Adler. The League will come for you!”

“Oh Professor, as if I’d do anything as wasteful as kill you. I’m going to crack your mind open and remold you. Just like Isis.”


At this, she addressed Basil’s former student. “Slave, put on your implement.”

“Yes, Marquesa.” Isis’ voice droned obediently. She moved to somewhere behind him and he heard the rustle of leather.

“I’ve become quite irresistible as a hypnotist, Professor. Once your mind experiences complete submission to my voice it will be short work to erase your personality and remake you. To serve me. To love me. To worship and obey me.”

“Never! I’ve studied mentalism thoroughly. I know the methods and can counter you at every turn.”

“I’m sure, with all your faculties at your command, you might do just that. But I would never give you such an advantage. Which is why, before you become my very willing hypnotic subject, I will break you. I will snap your spirit like dry wood and tear down the very foundation of your personhood. When I am finished, You’ll be helpless to resist my will. You’ll think nothing but the thoughts I put into your head. You’ll obey me in all things. As well as, my husband.”

“You’re mad, woman, if you think you can keep me as some sort of zombie man servant!”

“Who said anything about keeping you… as a man?”

Confusion, then panic washed over his face. “W-what?!”

“My husband is the only man in our organization, Professor. But I’m sure you will be quite a loyal slut, once your transformation is complete.”

“No! Never! Release me, damn you!”

“Tut tut, Professor. You’ll never break those bonds. Well let us begin. Isis? If you would please—”

“Alice?! Alice you must resist! Free me! We have to escape and summon The League!”

“I’m afraid Isis can’t hear you Professor. Actually she can, but she can only act upon the commands I speak. I’ve implanted a powerful suggestion in her mind that her headdress is set with a very unique jewel. It is mated to the stone in my choker. Whatever I speak she hears as her own thoughts.”

“Mysticism hardly seems like your style, Ms. Adler.”

“Oh it’s not. But our dear Isis here? She’s a very superstitious person. So easy to twist those irrational thoughts to my advantage. Observe. Isis? Pick up the brass oil lamp and press the spout into the Professor’s ass. Pour a generous amount into into him. He’s going to need it.”

“No Alice! You must resist this and— OoooooOOOooooomygoddddd!”

“Why Professor! Such lewd sounds you make. Perhaps you’re starting to like the idea of becoming a mindless slave girl after all? Now, Isis, pour some on your implement. That’s good. Position the tip against his rosebud and press firmly but slowly. We don’t want to hurt him. We want him to experience just how good it feels… to surrender.”

“The tip of what? What are you— OHMYLORD what is THAT?!”

“Do you like it Professor? I’m going to teach you to fall in love with it, soon. Now Isis, again. Slowly. Molest your mentor.”

“Scoundrel! W-what do yoooouuuu th-think this is g-going to —ohgod— accomplish?”

“Hahahaha! Exactly what it’s meant to, Professor! To teach you a very important lesson: the very thing you fear will bring more pleasure than your mind can withstand. A bit faster now, Isis.”

“Oh! Oh god! Oh my GOD!”

“Mmmmm Professor, I can see your eagerness to be my whore is positively… swelling!”

“Please! Please, Ms Adler! I beg you, stop this!”

“I do love hearing you beg Professor! You’ll be doing quite a bit of it from now on. Faster, Isis. Fuck him good!”


“One other thing, Professor. My name is no longer ‘Ms. Adler.” As you well know, I am the Marquesa DeVice, slave-wife to my husband. And you, like your lovely protege, now belong to him.”

The Professor grunted through several long contractions as his trembling cock exploded in lust. He slumped forward and lethargy overtook him. Then he felt cold steel slip around his flacid member, trapping it tightly in an iron grip. Another pinch closed around the base of his aching balls completing the prison around his sex.

Isis began to pump him once more, her lust inflamed by his utter defeat. A strange and wildly pleasurable throb began to build in his loins as his rod strained against the cage he was trapped in.

And, all the while, the Marquesa’s voice purred honey poison into his ear.

Director's Commentary

For those who may not be familiar, this piece is a sequel of sorts to what remains the most fun project I’ve ever tackled, Nickelodeon. A commenter called Loupe made an off the cuff remark that stayed with me over the years: “I desperately await pt 2. Basil’s ‘Rescue’..”

When I started writing this tale, I had not seen a connection. I was writing a scene with an evil mind controller and her law enforcement pursuer. At some point though, my mind thought of Irene Adler and that comment. And so, it was pure joy to dip back into that world again and check in on how the characters have been evolving since we last saw them.

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