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Welcome back! This episode, I’m doing a director’s commentary for my new snake-hypno animation Priestess, discussing the tumblr manips of ObeyTheQueens, the epic sci-fi EMC tale Rockhoppers, and also talking mind control in Marvel’s films and tv shows, Alien 3, and more in Part 2 of my conversation with thrall! Download MP3

Hi again! Well, as I teased yesterday, I have a new bit of EMC fun to share with you today. I’m very excited to unveil Priestess! Snake hypno is one of my favorite genres to work in. Perhaps because its so rare to come across material that I find suitable, when I do have something…

New Animation: Rocking in the Trees

My proclivities for snake-on-woman mind control are nothing new. I’ve explored that territory a couple times now, its a sub-genre of erotic mind control that I do enjoy, but good source material is hard to come by. Probably because its so scarce, I snap up every opportunity to indulge this particular facet of my fetish….

Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

Welcome back dear reader. As promised lat night, I’m presenting a new project this evening and I’m actually finished ahead of schedule (take a picture it doesn’t happen often). So what’s it all about? Well, I won’t rehash yesterday’s post, but I’ll simply say that I’m currently working on an animated manip of epic proportion…