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treatment-programWelcome back. As promised, I have a new bit of naughtiness for you all to enjoy.

When a woman calls a phone-sex operator to indulge her fetish for large breasts, the Dominatrix who answers knows just how to use it against her.

Enjoy Treatment Program and read on below for my director’s commentary.

I think we established many years ago that I’m a large breast enthusiast. I’m especially intrigued by women who share my fascination. It turns me on that it turns them on. I have a couple of good vanilla-friends, both women, who have enthusiastically talked about breasts being a serious hot-button for them. Even though one is bi and the other very much straight, they both agree with me that large breasts are fucking sexy.

Now, I wasn’t exactly thinking about all that when I saved the above image. Pictures with laptops typically make for good raw material so I usually grab those whenever I see them. Fast-forward a bit and I stumbled across the image on my hard drive a few months ago and had a flash of inspiration. Whereas I typically have a woman being entranced by what she’s watching on a laptop. I thought it would be a sexy twist to turn the tables and show the hypnotized girl on the screen.

The only issue is that I wasn’t sure what I would animate if I wasn’t depicting some sort of hypnotic animation. The obvious answer would be to animate the woman herself, but I wasn’t sure how easily I’d be able to do that. Or, more precisely, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to create a seamlessly looping animation from a piece of video footage. I suppose that really shouldn’t matter. I didn’t bother worrying about that in Priestess and I think that worked out fine. But, as a challenge to myself, I really wanted to make it work if I could.

So, I started searching porn tube sites for cam performers. I was trying to satisfy a few criteria with whatever I settled on for my video footage. First, creating this seamless loop would be much easier if the model was moving in a repetitive, staccato motion. So, she needed to be masturbating. And, I needed about ten seconds of footage where she was doing that; moving her hand but not much else. Second, I wanted to find a performer who had a ‘real’ face. Not the obviously sexed-up look of a cam model. I thought it would ground the story more if she looked like a woman you’d pass in the street or see on the bus.

It took surprisingly little time (considering how picky I was already being) to locate the footage that I ended up utilizing. Happily enough, animating the seamless loop turned out to be pretty straightforward as well. Since her hand is moving back-and-forth in a regular rhythm, its almost impossible to tell whether the footage is moving forward or backward. So, I let a few seconds play, then reversed it back so that the clip ends at the exact moment it begins. Instant, seamless loop.

With that done, I let it sit for a few months while until I had some inspiration on what to write. I knew, in general, that the Domme would be using her large beasts as a hypnotic lure. I could’ve certainly written a brief caption that capitalized on that without introducing any specific story beats. But, i wanted to tell a bit of a story. I’ve been doing that more and more lately and I’ve enjoyed it.

So, this week I did a voluminous first-draft that I liked, but it felt a bit sluggish in the middle. So, I trimmed things down to focus on the beats that really seemed to matter and called it a day.

Other than completely rewriting the back-end of my website. But that’s a tale for another time. 😉

Thanks for checking out the new animation, thanks for reading, and, as always, your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!

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