So it’s like this…A couple months ago my life got turned upside down. Shooting my latest short film, rekindling an old writing partnership, a new gig writing for a gaming blog, and a slightly flooded apartment all conspired to keep me out of the loop for a little while. Unfortunately, I’ve also been neglecting the site here a little and haven’t really had any updates to speak of in the way of spicy mc photo-manips.

That, however, is about to change.

If you’ve been staying on top of the forums, you might have seen a recent post from Iago either on the Collective or the Garden. Something about a secretive manip project, a collaboration between three artists from the mc community, with more info to be revealed. I am now able to confirm that I am one of the contributers to this endeavor and I’m here to pull back the curtain a bit more on our little project.

Sometime quite soon, we will be unveiling an epic photo-manip series (both here and at the Collective). I say epic not to boast, but epic because the series is set in the Middle Urth fantasy realm created by Iago. For all the fans of conquered sword maidens, corrupted noble-women, and the dark, defiling pleasures of Surdor’s Dark Mistress: keep a watchful eye. Early next week the final piece will be revealed. I think you’re all really going to like this one.


Fetishes are funny things. And for the record, I don’t mean tickling fetishes (though I hear that’s popular). I mean once you’re kinked, there’s no going “straight”. The world just looks different to mind-control fetishists. An extreme close-up of a woman’s eyes (no matter the context) gets our attention in a way that might be awkward to explain. Those “Submit” buttons strewn across the internet have a whole different connotation for us. And, for me at least, these pictures of…whatever-the-hell-that-thing-is look far more sinister that they probably should.

This distinctive chair, with its built-in sound-system and unique approach to blocking out the stresses of the world, promises to introduce an immediate and deep state of relaxation. And I promise you that no one who is intentionally reading this blog has any doubt what sort of diabolical uses this thing has in the collective imagination of the mc community. The manufacturer, an Italian company called Exar, has a whole line of brainwashing relaxation chairs available. But none quite so borne directly from the id of a mind-control fetishist as this one. As a matter of fact, I’ll never again be able to read Tabico and thrall’s Salvation without picturing this thing in my head.


For those skeptics out there who just see an Apple-designed piece of furniture, allow me to make my case:

  • This thing’s sound system is capable of generating low frequency binaural beats, which they refer to as “psychoacoustic stimulation”. Try searching for that phrase on the EMCSA, you’ll get a phone book worth of hits.
  • The interior space is “well protected”. Don’t kid yourself, “well protected” is Italian for Houdini-class restraint system. No one can escape the relaxation.
  • Notice how the only exposed portion of the body is the feet and lower legs. This is obviously so the relaxation victim can be fitted for a pair of those ridiculous heels that all brain-smoothed ladies end up wearing.
  • It has “Brainwashing Pod #8” written on the side in Italian. Trust me on this. No I don’t speak the language, but my wife is Italian so I know these things (via osmosis).

Satisfied? Even the name spells it out. Paradise? Please. That’s what every evil-brainwasher wants you to think “Oh you’ll be so much happier once you’re my willing thrall, it’s like being on vacation every day! Could you hand me those headphones?” Ever wonder how the “Paradise Relaxation Spa” can afford to give away all those free weekend spa treatments (for ladies only of course)? Two words: widespread-mind-control-consipracy. Kay that’s like three or four words, but you get the idea.

Try walking in and telling them you’re a talent agent for the Czech Republic Lingerie Models Consortium. The next question you’ll be asked will go something like “Boy we sure like Czech lingerie models around here! Say, when was the last time you sat in a piece of nice, relaxing post-modern Italian brainwashing furniture?” Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you…and all your Czech-lingerie-model friends. Protect yourself, purchase my in-depth brochure explaining how to avoid sitting in a egg-shaped mind control chair.

Hmm…Y’know, as I look at that thing again, with the lady’s feet sticking out, it just occurred to me that I could be wrong about all this. Maybe its the tickling fetish after all.

Have a great weekend everybody.

loupe_tAs I’m sure many of my fellow manip artists can attest, once you’ve done a little tweaking in Photoshop, you start picking out manip work everywhere you look. As much as news agencies would like you to believe otherwise, virtually no photograph today is published without first spending a little time benefiting from some artist’s attention. Whether helping our all-important celebrities shed a few unwanted pounds or just blatantly rewriting history, pretty much everything we see in print (and increasingly in video) is just slightly south of kosher.

However, don’t believe for a second that this trend is anything new. As it turns out, photo-alteration is nearly as old as the medium itself, as this excellent Scientific American article illustrates. Of particular interest is the reoccurring examples of totalitarian leaders photo-deleting individuals who had fallen out of favor with them or their administrations. But the truly laugh-out-loud moment is the before and after of Mussolini on horseback where the animal handler had to be removed so Il Duce could feel more safe heroic. A companion article discusses the increasing problem of digital-forgery for news organizations and examines a number of recent high-profile examples.

I find this all rather interesting. One can see just from thumbing through magazines at the dentist office how much of what we see has been altered, most of it for “harmless” reasons. But we must be vigilant for those situations when removing blemishes and performing non-surgical liposuction give way to blatant attempts to manipulate and mislead us. In an already heated election year that promises to only get uglier and more divisive, its a good time to start developing a critical eye.

bookmark_iconRC is one of the most revered and prolific authors in the mc community. His catalog is, what we in the industry refer to as, “large and in charge”. Posting his initial work to the alt.sex.stories newsgroup (remember newsgroups?), RC has the distinction of being one of the early authors in the mc scene, though fans of a.s.f.r. are plenty familiar with him as well (as a matter of fact the very first mc-story I ever read was RC’s Mandy). This is his personal website, filled with his wonderful work, thoughts, and musings: and well worth your time.

Blankserena’s blog has been getting a fair amount of attention lately and for good reason: her entries are some of the hottest mc-erotica to be found anywhere. I don’t know how much of her adventures are actual experiences and what’s simply first-person fantasy (she states its 98% real), but ultimately it doesn’t really matter. Her tales are exciting, a bit dangerous, and very hot.

However, there is more than just mc-thrills to be found in her posts. Blankserena’s words are an honest portrait of a woman who is as preoccupied with the mind-control fetish as any of us. And just as with any biographical account, just as with any life, she is not merely one thing. Rather, she is the sum, and greater, of all her disparate parts: a mosaic of the human experience that she has graciously allowed the rest of us to peek in on. As with any story, the point is not the vicarious thrill (though that part is very enjoyable) but rather what these things teach us of ourselves.

Weekly Pick

benmbedlam posted his first set of manips to the Collective at the beginning of May and has been steadily adding to his catalog ever since. His work is fanciful, sometimes playful, always erotic, always unique. He’s an artist that definitely knows his way around Photoshop and it shows his work. However, he’s also an artist who understands subtlety, indeed his wonderful piece Away with the Fairys will actively have you searching for the manipulation he’s so carefully layered in. Yet another promising new talent among the ranks of the Collective’s already accomplished roster.

Jasmine recently updated her already considerable catalog with five molten-hot new manips. Jasmine selects the most wonderful source images for her work: full of eroticism and innuendo. Expect to find yourself feeling tingly before you even start reading her amazing captions. But whatever you do, make sure you do read them for Jasmine is a true story teller, accomplishing in a few hundred words what many authors only wish they could do in several thousand. Her manips are tantalizing, erotic, and most of all hot-hot-hot-hot-hot. Mind control fetish fun at its finest (three times fast).

Hypme posted a big update at the end of May as well as a couple of new pieces this week. Normally, it wouldn’t bother me that she’s so productive, but the fact that her manips are so damn good in addition to the fact that she’s one of the most prolific manip artists around…well I suppose if you’re going to be jealous of anyone you couldn’t do much better than Hypme. Truly one of the greats in our community.


For all the photo manip artists out there, aspiring and established, I thought I’d put together a series of video tutorials delving into Photoshop. This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide, but more a sort of video essay covering the various things that I like about this amazing piece of software.

For the maiden voyage I focus on masking techniques using the very powerful but often overlooked layer masks. Layer masks allow you to hide and reveal various parts of a layer using the paint brush tool without doing any actual erasing. This in turn, works into a brief discussion about non-destructive editing and how these techniques can benefit your workflow and ultimately the quality of your work.

Tutorial 01 – Layer Masks is available now in the Tutorials Gallery.

Update Folder

Happy Monday everybody. After far too long (again) I’ve got some fresh material for you. Some new and interesting trends in this update. My first vampire pic, I know, I know: what self-respecting mc-fetishist doesn’t have some vampire material? I couldn’t believe it either. Anyway, check-mark next to that box.

At some point while working on some pics and sort of finding myself bored with the results I hit upon on the idea to do some animated manips. The idea sort of evolved through a few different stages, but I’m happy with the end result. When I started animating these particular images, I had no ideas for captions (which is probably why I thought they were a little bland in the first place), but after completing the animated versions: the inspiration, she found me again. Odd sometimes, the winding way we take to finally arrive somewhere.

In any case, I hope you enjoy these, I’ve got (alot) more on the way, keep your RSS scanners tuned for more info…

Two new pics added to the FD/MD Gallery:

One new image added to the Supernatural Gallery:

Three manips added to the brand new Animated Gallery:

Snake Charmed


I love finding new mc-related sites. More specifically, I love it when other people tell me about them…cause its less work that way. So, these sites have been recommended to me, and I pay it forward to all of you fine folks: for your enjoyment, education, and self-advancement. Behold:

One of my (and I hope your) favorite authors has recently joined the blogger ranks. The magnificently talented thrall, now has a personal blog detailing her interests in the mind-control, latex/rubber, and robot fetishes. She talks about various things that push her buttons, models that strike her fancy, and even keeps us informed on her latest fiction work. One very neat thing that she’s been doing, which I may do a little of myself, is discussing pictures that she finds particularly fascinating. I think this is very interesting, and a great opportunity to peak inside the mind of one of the most talented writers in our community.

The Spiral Awards 2007 winners for excellence in erotic mind control fiction have just been announced. Some I’ve read, some I haven’t, though I’m ridiculously excited about my friend sara castle being among the winners. “Founded in 2006, the Spiral Awards look to recognize the best of the creative erotic mind control community.” Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the panel for all the time and effort invested in this very worthy endeavor.

And finally I bring you the latest venture from one of the Collective’s more prolific members: Doc Fakes. He’s got a new peronsal site featuring a Gallery of his own work as well as pics by others. Also a forum community for a multitude of mind-control and manipping topics. Doc’s work is full of Bimbofication, Celebrity MC, and celeb-bimbofication (to name a few). Check his site out here: www.wonderpixs.com

All these sites now have a permanent home in the links page.


So I’m back. Where have I been you may ask? Good question. When I figure it out I’ll let you know. I wish I could just chalk it up to being busy, but truthfully I think I needed to take a break from things for a while. I needed to get focused again, find my ambition, my motivation, my passion, whatever you call it. Point is, I’m back now. Rehabilitated, reinvigorated, reassimilated, and soon to be relocated: to paraphrase a much cooler man than myself.

Updates are on their way, shouldn’t be long now. But until then, check out some of the fine work of these folks. It’ll be worth your time, I promise.


Several really strong updates at the EMCSA over the last few weeks. First up is the recent (and first) contribution by author Chrystal Wynd. Updated this week with its final chapter, Countermove is the tale of a headstrong erotic-female-wrestling star as she struggles with her selfish nature, destructive past, and seemingly inescapable enslavement at the hands of her greatest foe. If the premise seems kitschy, I assure you the writing is not. Between the fight-drama, the wanton mind control, and the constant erotic heat, Chrystal Wynd has crafted a wonderful and thoroughly engaging story.

Better sit down for this next one: thrall has a new story out this week! One of the finest authors in the scene is back with Queen Bee Becomes a Drone: a ridiculously hot tale of an internet-porn sensation who finds herself really getting into her submissive role during a photo shoot at a seductive and mysterious woman’s home. Thrall gives us a teasing glimpse into her process in the liner notes, and after looking up the two models she mentions, I had a wonderful time imagining what sort of things must have been rolling around in her head as she rendered this latest tale. If you find yourself getting all hot and bothered for mind control, latex, and fetish imagery right out of an Andrew Blake film, then don’t pass this one up.

Though avid readers of the MC Forum may have already seen this one, don’t pass up the chance to read (or re-read) Flibinite’s latest addition to the EMCSA. What’s in a Name? is full of the mind control, bondage, and molten girl-on-girl sex that we’ve all come to love from Jo. Revised and retooled for 2008, check this tale out and then do yourself a favor and do a search for “Flibinite” on either the Garden or the Forum. With Jo’s name in the search field, one has only to click a link to find another great piece of mc-fiction.

Sara Castle made several big contributions to a couple of her best series in recent weeks. Sara cut loose with a new chapter to her wonderful (and way hot) Augmentation, which continues the series’ trend by ping-ponging back into the past and picking up with an earlier adventure of Jill & Saphron: who are joined this time by Allyson and her yummy psychic blades (mmmm). Sara also posted the conclusion to her amazing epic A Touch of Frost. I’m not going to spoil the ending, but as someone who considers themselves a writer, I wish I had a fraction of sara’s imagination for final chapters. A perfect end for one the best tales in her catalog.


Lots of good stuff recently from ooae10, he’s been mentioned before here, but his work is always something I’m on the lookout for. Simple, elegant and the very definition of erotic heat: Check his stuff out.

Anaximanes recently de-lurked and posted some of his fantastic manip work. His stuff reveals a long history with photoshop and a great eye for layout and color. Lots of fx work and some great captions round out a welcome addition to the Collective’s roster. Hoping to see more form him soon.

TeraS put out a fantastic new series last week, based on the Mission: Impossible show. Tera always has a knack for finding the best source images and this update was no exception. Fun, creative, and full of the red-hot-flavor, that is the signature style of our resident Queen Succubi. Happy birthday devil woman.

That’s all folks. Check out these artists and authors and please, if you like their work, take a moment to drop them an email and let them know. When people don’t feel appreciated then end up on reality tv. Don’t let that happen to someone you love.

I’m out.

Dunlop Medium Tortex

I love updates.

Its like playing the lottery. The anticipation as your never-fast-enough internet connection renders your favorite web page, isn’t far removed from furiously scratching at those small tickets with your lucky penny. The code solidifies, coalesces, and a moment later, if you’re lucky, its a winning ticket. A (dare I say it) plethora of new mc hotness to be downloaded and ogled.

Unless it happens to be this week’s update.

In which case its more like waking up to find a news crew on your lawn asking for your reaction to being your home state’s single wealthiest individual after you bought that single powerball ticket on a lark. This week’s update at the EMCSA is like that…except you still have to show up for work tomorrow. Analogy aside, this week’s update at the EMCSA is pretty much jackpot city. Behold my favs:

sara castle, this week, delivered on her solemn promise to me (actually the word she used was probably, but to a rabid fan like myself its pretty much the same thing) for a followup to her molten-hot Augmentation. This prequel installment winds the clock back to Jill and Saphron’s first assignment together and yields interesting contrast for the more developed relationship seen in the series’ first chapter. Oh…and its smokin’ hot. That too. Sara has the most devious imagination as evidenced by her creative (and by creative I mean smokin’ hot) use of Allyson’s psychic blades against “poor” Jill. Wondering what kind of oh-so-naughty mind control deviance one can get up to with a pair of psychic blades? Quench your curiosity and go find out. This one isn’t to be missed.

For the second time in as many months, I find myself in the enviable position of relaying to you the glorious event that is a new trilby else story. Taker is a whopping five-part opus full some of the most deviant stuff I’ve read in a good long while. Though its a bit like saying the sky is blue, its worth pointing out that trilby is a master of what I refer to has ‘headspace mc’. Witnessing the seduction, struggle, and inevitable enslavement of his characters from within their own thoughts reveals the depths of his tradecraft. Trilby’s ability to dramatize that internal struggle, to portray the waveforms as a character struggles against control, against themselves wanting that control is astounding. This tale is somewhat reminiscent of trilby’s earlier effort Inhuman, as is its particular flavor of deus ex machina. I, for one, welcome revisiting this material: its fertile ground indeed, and worth exploring again.

See you next week.