Hi all. Since a number of you have been getting in touch lately to ask what’s happening with the film, I thought it would be the perfect excuse to stop planning my next blog entry and actually start writing it. So lets talk about Opening Statement a bit shall we?

First up. We have not shot the picture yet. I know in my original message I indicated we were less than a month away but there were complications and by “complications” I mean there was ice and snow…and then more ice. If you weren’t fortunate enough to live in the Eastern or South Eastern part of the U.S. during the month of February then you might be blissfully unaware that we had a couple of weeks of something that rhymes with ‘severe winter storms.’

Our shoot days were sandwiched between the arrival of two storm fronts. Since several members of the cast and crew are traveling a bit for filming, it just didn’t seem wise to have them driving in that kind of weather. And, it ended up being the right call. Our roads were ice on top of snow on top of ice that weekend.

So, we’ve had to reschedule principal photography. Opening Statement is now set to go before the cameras the last weekend of April. The bad news is that I can’t share the film with everyone as quickly as I’d like. The good news is that we’ve had an extra two months to prepare which will, hopefully, make the movie that much better.

So that’s all for now. I’ve got more updates I’m writing (as soon as I post this) to introduce you all to the cast and answer some of your questions about the film.

See you soon. How soon? Very soon.

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