Welcome back friends! I know it’s been quiet here lately but, as some of you no doubt realize, that’s because I’ve been working on new stuff. Big stuff. Big new stuff that’s coming soon. How soon? Very soon.

I’m terribly excited to tell you that a project I’ve had in the works for years is finally coming to fruition. I’m going to leave a bit to the imagination but here’s some details to whet your appetite:

This new project is going to be an ongoing series. The plan right now is to post a new “issue” every month, comic book style. This series is based on one of my Projects and it won’t take you long to figure out which.

This will be a mixed media series, meaning there will be some photoshopped imagery that goes along with it but, by and large, it will be an ongoing text-based story. Unless… we figure out some other way of producing images to go with the words (does this come off like a hint? ‘Cause it’s meant to be a hint).

What do I mean by ‘we?’ Well, I’m working on this in collaboration with another author and good friend, the inimitable connie k! We first spoke about it last summer and have been hard work for several months writing and building out all the details for this new adventure.

And what an adventure it’s going to be. Plus lesbian mind control. And adventure. You could almost call it an adventure… in lesbian mind control.

New issues will debut here on my site first and then several weeks later, without the photoshopped fun, on The Archive. And the first issue? Is coming this week!

Prepare to blast off Wednesday evening!

We’ll look forward to seeing you back here then.

All the best,


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    Fantastic! I have often hoped that you might move to a semi-regular update with content. This is very exciting news! Best of luck, I’ll be eagerly watching for it!

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    Mike the Director

    Welcome back, Happy New Year and I wish you a joyful Easter. It has been quiet around here, these past few months. Looking forward to appreciating your new, multi-media, event. Mike

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