Greetings all. Good to be back with you. Apologies for my extended absence but I’ve been quite under the weather the past six weeks or so. Fortunately, my medical issues have resolved themselves so I wanted to chat briefly about some fun things that are happening.

Earlier today I finished recording a new podcast episode with Madam Kistulot. Look for The Black Room #16 in the very near future. There is some terrific multi-part fiction going up on The Archive right now, much of it from newly published authors. So, we gleefully take our time to discuss our current favorites.

We also, kinda-sorta discuss the amazing news that Eye of Serpent has written some new material! You definitely don’t want to miss that!

Manip work did take a bit of hiatus on account of my medical problems but I’m, very happily, back at it now. One thing I have managed to finish is a fun little series featuring a tumblr friend, Brooke, aka @findingmywayforever.

While I haven’t done many requests in recent years, I was happy to oblige after she kindly offered to take some custom pictures for me to work with. Brooke shares my enthusiasm for the brainwashing flavor of erotic mind control. So, it was quite fun when she agreed to don a pair of headphones and snap some pics and video for me. I think she’s had as much fun seeing herself as a brainwashed slave as I did making her look that way.

Check out her manip, stop by her tumblr for more naughty mind control fun, and stay tuned for episode 16 of The Black Room podcast!


A request from a tumblr friend who is quite eager to be brainwashed and obedient...

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    Tom Teters

    Greetings Cured1,
    I ‘ve been into erotic hypnosis now for about 3 years, and been enjoying those of like mind on tumblr. Looking forward to seeing your posts and using your innovative works. Stay Healthy !!

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