Greetings once more.

There’s some maxim about announcing your plans if you’d like to hear the universe laugh in reply. Despite my optimism that I’d be back in the swing of things way back in May, life had other ideas. However, the good news is that nothing has really changed except the time table.

While work and freelancing and life have been keeping me very busy, I’ve been determinedly working in the small gaps between those things and, at last, I’m close to having something to show for it. I’m putting the finishing touches on my new site theme, which has been in the works for almost a year at this point.

That may not sound all that sexy but the new theme hosts a number of features I’ve wanted to add for a long time and manages to provide a great viewing experience on mobile screens and desktops alike. It will make it faster and easier to access content, keep track of my progress on upcoming projects, and provides a foundation to build entirely new kinds of erotic mind control content and experiences.

At this point, I’ve nailed down all the major design and feature changes. What remains is to add a few minor bells and whistles; optimize the theme for maximum performance; and to test the design on a lot of browsers across a lot of platforms to make sure its a consistent user experiences.

So when is this going to happen? Well, I’ve had enough of the universe laughing as of late so I’m just going to say “as soon as its done.” The good news is that I’ve made tremendous progress this week. The other good news is that I think the best way to celebrate the new theme is to release a whole bunch of new manip content to go along with it!

So stay tuned, fun stuff is on the way.


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