Hi all, hope the holiday finds you happy and flush with confectionery treats! I’ve been doing a spot of writing the past couple nights on the same piece I mentioned last time. I’m up to a thousand words now and I’ve just finished a rather fun section that fills in a bit of the backstory.

The unique thing, so far, about this piece is that the characters are D/s partners that use mind control in their play. No vast conspiracies, nosy journalists, or latex drones to be found anywhere (at least not yet). So, this is certainly a change of pace in that regard, but a very enjoyable one. Its still pretty stylized and there are darker kinds of things that happen as the story progresses. So, I think it will work its way towards more familiar territory by the tale’s conclusion.

Its definitely been fun drawing inspiration from real life kinky couples like kyle-is-kinky and mind-fucked-megan on tumblr or sleepingirl and cckitten of the Two Hyp Chicks podcast. I’m trying to convey a sense of the fun that I feel when I read about their adventures in EMC play.

The section that I’ve just been working on is largely to do with the sorts of things real life play partners might get up to…if they had the perfect knowledge and unlimited resources that fictional characters are so often blessed with. Specifically, our hypnotic heroine and her Domme have worked together to create a “brainwashing room” to indulge their fetish. And, I’ve spent an enjoyable portion of the evening researching some of the real-life toys, contraptions, and technology that a (probably fictional) person could use to do the same, if they were so inclined.

A bit more writing…I’m thinking five to eight hundred more words…and I’ll show you what I mean.

Happy Halloween!


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