Hi all! As we’re rolling into the weekend, I thought I’d update you on stuff and things.

Its been a very busy week for me in freelance land. I’ve got deadlines for three different clients all hitting today and keeping on top of things has been, to put it mildly, a challenge. Fortunately, barring anything catastrophic, I seem to be finished on-time with all my outstanding projects!

Which means, I now have a little time to turn my attention to smut. Work continues on Pleasure Professionals. I’ve not written on it since last weekend but I’ve read my current draft a couple of times since and the next segment is beginning to come into focus. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I’ve had to backtrack a bit and re-write two chapters.

Things just weren’t coming together like I’d hoped. While I like the scenes as they were written, they ultimately were slowing everything else in the narrative down too much. So, I trashed them and had a think about how to tackle them again, this time keeping in mind the overall pacing of the story.

So, I’ve lost a bit of ground there but I’m just gonna have to accept that I’m going to stumble over these problems as I get more and more experience writing longer bits of fiction. Its just part of the learning process.

In other areas, I’ve been a bit more productive. As you may have noticed, I’ve posted two updates to the Gallery in the past two weeks. Now, that might not seem like much to you but its been literally years since I’ve had two updates that close together. Will there be a third this weekend (I hear you asking yourself)?

Maybe. Possibly. We’ll see (I reply).

As it turns out, I have a little animation that’s been finished for some time. The characters call to mind classic black & white films of the late 30s to early 50s. I have taken two stabs at writing it so far but neither effort yielded anything worthwhile. I’ve been thinking about the apparent setting and trying to figure out what the story is going to be.

I’ve toyed with the idea of making it a period piece. If I do that, it might be neat to adapt some of the style and sensibility of the mind control scenes of that era (Dracula’s Daughter, especially, is on my mind). So far, that’s all the ideas I’ve had for it. I’m going to take a third swing at it this weekend and see what happens.

So, no promises it will be ready by next week but I do have another morsel of mind control fun in the works. Hopefully, the next time we see each other here, I’ll have it ready to show you.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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