Happy Thursday everyone! Lots of stuff going on in my world recently. Vanilla life is getting busy again after a brief hiatus during the holidays but, I’ve managed to be productive despite. If you haven’t had a change to check out episode fourteen of The Black Room podcast, its a proper in-depth discussion from thrall and myself on the Natalie Portman film Annihilation. A great sci-fi flick, though sadly a little lacking on mind control when compared to the novel its based on.

If you were hoping for a more traditional episode (smut discussion galore) then you’ll want to be sure and check episode fifteen! This is another show with myself and Madam Kistulot where we’ll be discussing some more Eye of Serpent, a really terrific Hentai Manga that’s packed-to-bursting with mind control, and some other fun. I’m almost finished editing that so look for it next week!

This evening, I’ve also been doing some Photoshop work on a new ten-image series that I’m really excited about. I’ve got a couple images already finished and the basic story outlined. So…just a bit more work on the photos and a bit more typing…it should be done soon. Fans of brainwashing laboratories, VR goggles, and pretty redheads strapped to tables are gonna be happy!

And that’s all that’s happening with me. One of these days I’ve got to get back to finishing the projects I’ve already teased but I keep getting sidetracked by these new photo sets and this damn inspiration! Hopefully, you all will have some fun stuff to peruse either way!

Farewell for now.

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