Greetings all!

Today finds me busy, yet productive, with a little project I’ve had half-completed for a few weeks. Back when I first snagged the photo, I’d had one of my sudden bursts of inspiration. I had a fairly clear picture of the story before I ever got it into Photoshop. So, I took a pass at writing it the day after I finished the visual work.

The writing would’ve been a rapid proposition… if the first draft hadn’t sucked so horribly. I’m still not sure why. Maybe I just wasn’t in the correct head-space to write. In any case, I shelved it in disgust and didn’t take another swing at it until this past weekend.

I wrote the fun stuff. The hot stuff. Sometimes, even when the story just isn’t coming to me, I can write that stuff no sweat. I was happy with what I laid down that time. I thought it sat well alongside the excellent image I’d found.

But, I did miss the story I’d originally thought up. So, I sat on it rather than go ahead and publish. Late in the weekend, I had another go at it. This time, things clicked and in one sitting, I’d banged out 1,200 words (this is good by my standards).

I’m really happy with how its shaping up, but it still needs some more work. Its turned into more of a “short story” than anything else I’ve done before. Even my longer captions are still really just one scene usually. So, I’m writing away on that and I think it will be done quite soon.

In any case, I’m eager to share both the fun, animated part and the wordy, word part with all of you just as soon as I can.

Catch you next time!

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