Greetings all!

Its been a productive week, I’m happy to report. I’ve been writing away most evenings and have turned my latest manip caption into a four-thousand word minature epic. And, I still have one more scene to write! The point is that its going well and I think it will be quite fun when I’m finished.

Which will hopefully be soon.

I’ve just hung up with Madam Kistulot from recording episode 17 of The Black Room. This episode highlights some fun mind control fiction, art, and photos. But, the real headline is that we are joined by the legendary artist CantFindaDecentAlias! CFADA joins us for a terrific conversation about his work, his influences, and where he’ll be taking his amazing mind control art next.

Editing has already begun and I’m confident that will be ready for release next week.

Finally, if you enjoyed my recent animation featuring the lovely tumblr hypno-fetishist, findingmywayforever, you’ll be pleased to hear that she and I will soon be collaborating again! Brooke has, once again, let me direct her from afar and provided me a fresh set of photos ripe for some mind control naughtiness.

I’ll certainly keep you posted on that.

That’s all for now, have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here next week with a new episode of The Black Room!

Altius Semper

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