Happy Thursday all!

Since I’ve been teasing you with this story I’ve been hammering on, I thought I’d shine a bit of light on things today. The manip is called Dripping and the summary goes a little something like this:

A waitress spots a kinky pair of women at the corner table. But is she prepared for what happens when they catch her watching?

The “caption” is now north of five thousand words. This week, I’ve managed to smooth out a rough patch in the narrative that was really bothering me. Taking the extra time to polish was really worthwhile in that I was able to solve this problem but, also, in that I stumbled onto some ideas that I think are going to pay off nicely.

I’ve begun writing the final scene and I can’t wait to finally share this one with you all!

In Podcasting news, last night Madam Kistulot and I had an epic conversation with none other than Lex Lucas of Entrancement! I’ve been hoping to have Lex on for a long time and it was a dream come true to finally sit down and chat with him. I could tell you about all the fun the three of us had but you’ll hear it for yourself soon enough!

It was pretty damn fun though. 😉

MK and I still need to record the episode’s “bookends” but we’ll knock that out soon enough. I think the show will be out early next week.

And that’s all that’s going on with me! I hope you fine folks are doing well and I’ll catch you soon!


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