Greetings dear reader!

As usual, I know it has been a spell since I’ve written here. Partially, that’s been because I’ve been quite busy as of late. But, also, because I have a few things that have been coalescing and I wanted to hold off on speaking with you until I had some news to share. And now I do!

Decisive Sequel

First, to follow up on something I teased you with a few months ago, Tabico and I have started trading emails relating to the sequel for Decisive Results. It’s very early right now, there’s an outline for the story that we are discussing.

I’ve been gathering assets for this project for quite a while. If things go the way I hope they do, we will actually be able to tell even more of the story in video this time around. Having said that, I have been having fun recently creating an updated version of the mysterious Ms R’s Spartan OS desktop that will be making a return. It’s been fun imagining how that fictitious software would have evolved the way our real world equivalents have in the time since.

Mostly, I’ve been contemplating how to speed up the creation of those desktop animation sequences. Those were, by far, the most time consuming parts of Decisive Results. I think I have formulated some strategies that will allow me to execute those bits of this new story in a fraction of the time. Hopefully, that will translate to a much more rapid journey from written script to finished video.


I am continuing to work on the next installment of Breadcrumbs. I wrote a complete outline for that story sometime ago but, recently, I’ve located some really fun and tantalizing images and video that might work their way in. So, right now I’m just pouring over those things and trying to think of how and where they might fit into the overall story I laid out for myself. Stay tuned on that, I’m looking forward to sharing more of that adventure!

Pleasure Professionals

Lastly, after years in development I’m very happy to announce that The project I have, until now, been referring to as Pleasure Professionals is complete… kinda.

This is going to be somewhat of a long story and I will hold off on telling it in it’s entirety for a future post. What it boils down to is this: I originally set out to write a fun story around a very fun image that I had in my stash. I worked up something like five or six drafts of that story but was just never able to go anywhere with it.

But, along the way, I collected enough pieces of ideas and characters that I just couldn’t abandon it entirely. I eventually sat down with a blank page and started from scratch, this time, with a new goal. I let go of the image that had inspired the story to begin with and set myself free to write whatever I wanted to. Without any consideration for how, or even if, the manipulated photos and videos I typically create would work into the story.

And I wrote, and wrote and wrote. And, I didn’t finish writing until about thirty minutes ago. It’s finished. And, it’s something I’ve never created before: an honest to goodness erotic mind control short story. Complete with a beginning, middle and end as well as characters, subplots and a fair amount of suspense. I guess, technically since it’s more than 36,000 words, it could be considered a novella.

The title is Compliance and Acquisition and the synopsis goes a little something like this:

A young submissive personal assistant helps her mistress navigate an insidious corporate conspiracy.

I’m very pleased with the end result. It has challenged me like nothing else in recent memory. However it is eventually received I will always be proud that it represents the absolute bleeding edge of my talent and ability at this point.

But, as I think about how it will be received it’s a sort of bittersweet feeling. For the past fifteen years, my focus has been creating erotic mind control art. And, for more than a decade now this website has been the gallery through which I’ve shared my creations. Now, I have created something that I think is much more suited to the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive than my own site.

For sometime now, I’ve had the ambition to write some thing that I felt was worth sending to Simon to be posted on The Archive. I’m definitely going to have the story posted there. As for posting it here, on my own site, I’m still giving it some thought.

There are some technical challenges that would be involved. Without getting too far into the weeds, the back end of my website is very bespoke at this point and it’s been designed around creating my more traditional short works with captioned photos and videos. Doing long-form, multi-chapter fare like this new story is going to require a bit of retooling.

I know that many of you are going to be delighted to read something like this from me. I also know that some of you are going to be disappointed that it’s not going to have my usual erotic visual creations to accompany it. Other than a possible “book cover” kind of image.

Truth be told, I’m a bit disappointed myself. I think, throughout the process, I quietly told myself that when I got to the end I’d be able to find someway to pull in images and make them work. But, now that it’s finished I see that I really have no way of doing that without those images doing a disservice to the story. The key moments, the erotic moments… I simply don’t have photos to bring those moments to life. Ultimately, anything I could craft would feel like an afterthought. Manipulations tacked on at the end to make the story conform to my typical style of work.

And, I guess it just boils down to… I don’t want to do that.

So, with those caveats out of the way, I’m very happy to announce that the first couple chapters of Compliance and Acquisition will be on their way to Simon just as soon as I can get them formatted and emailed!

Here We Go Again… Again

I also want to say that i’ve got plenty of other irons in the fire right now. Juicy, sultry and, most definitely, visual irons. 😉

Although I didn’t make any noise about this, for the past five months I’ve been living under the shadow of losing my employment (again). In fact, I was informed earlier this year that this week was going to be my last at work. Happily, I have dodged that bullet again.

And so, I am making up for lost time. I am very eager to get some new stuff posted here between now and the end of the year. Thank you for reading and for all your years of support! I’ll see you all again soon.



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    Really good to get an update, thank you! Sounds like some great projects in the works, really looking forward to exploring them.

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    Really looking forward to the Decisive Results sequel. It’s still my all time fave!! Glad to hear you are doing well 🙂

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