Greetings all,

It’s another week of reading and writing. LOTS of writing, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First up, there’s new stuff you should be reading if you haven’t already. connie k posted the first part of a new story with the update two weekends ago. The synopsis for The Spiral Girl goes a little something like this:

An unscrupulous hypnotist recounts his fateful meeting with a new subject, and how his plans spiral out of control.

The promise of where the first part leaves off is really tasty. I’m so eager to see where connie takes us in part two. Which, happily enough, connie has informed me will be going up to The Archive this weekend! It will be listed as a separate story called The Spiral Boy, similar to her Four Women / Five Women story.

Be on the lookout for it this Saturday evening!

If you’re a patron of Uzobono’s then you’ve already heard the news: good and bad. The bad news is that CORE 14 isn’t going to make it into our hands until late October instead of late September as Uzo had originally hoped.

The good news, is that Uzo has released a mini comic this weekend to tide us over! Its available to her patrons as well visitors to her Deviant Art page. Its not related to the CORE/Division canon but… well I won’t spoil it. Its loads of fun particularly if you’re a gamer who’s familiar with a certain big-budget sci-fi series from a few years back.

Its terrific fun and a great consolation prize for the unfortunate news that our next taste of CORE is still about six weeks away.


What about the writing? Well, there’s loads of it happening. LOADS.

How much is that exactly? Well, I’m not exaggerating in the least when I tell you that I’ve had a little trouble with some repetitive stress pain in my right thumb. Before you perverts go making jokes, let me explain!

As I’ve mentioned prior, my free time is in short supply right now. Between my full time gig and sideline freelance stuff I’m clocking 60+ hours a week minimum these days. So, I’ve been writing whenever and wherever I can spare the time.

Since that’s not always in front of a computer, I’ve been writing on my phone. I’ve got the mobile version of Scrivener (a fantastic research-organization-writing tool btw) which cloud-syncs to my laptop. So, I’ve been writing away on that during my stints of free time.

Which worked out great until I sat outside to enjoy the weather on a Friday night a couple weeks ago and wrote nearly four thousand words in one sitting. The next day, my right thumb felt like it was being held on with tape.

So, I repeated the process this past weekend except I used voice-dictation to do the writing and saved my recovering thumb for corrections only. The pain is gone now, thankfully, and the lesson has been learned.

And the good news is I also put another 3,500 words into Pleasure Professionals!

At this point, I’ve got a solid first draft of Act I that’s clocking in at around seven thousand words. I knew the story was going to be big, but even I’m surprised. This one is really living in my imagination now. Every time I sit down to work on it, the floodgates seems to open and I mostly just try to keep up.

I’m already laying down a few ideas for Act II and I’m hoping to make some big headway there later this week after my freelance work (hopefully) cools off a bit.

That’s it for now. I know its been a few weeks since I had anything new to show you but, believe me when I tell you big things are in the works.

See you next time!

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