Welcome back true believers!

It’s a hectic time for me. Vanilla freelance work is keeping me very busy right now. However, while I haven’t had unlimited amounts of time to dedicate to smut, I have gotten really diligent about making the most of the odd hour I can set aside here and there.

And mostly I’ve been using that to read and write.

On the reading front, I’ve been enjoying this amazing new story, that has just wrapped up this past weekend, called Kat and Mouse. The author is SoVeryFascinated and this story is his fourth on the archive. It is a successor to an earlier story called The Glass Wall, which features the same lead characters, Kat and Marisa.

I’ll tell you here what I’ve told everyone privately to sell them on reading this tale: if you’d like to know what Alfred Hitchcock would’ve done with the erotic mind control genre, this is the story for you. The suspense, the tension and the growing sense of anxiety as this tale unfolds is spectacular.

If you follow this blog, there’s a decent chance you know me and my tastes in EMC fiction. I haven’t loved anything on The Archive like I love Kat & Mouse in a while. SoVeryFascinated has already joined connie k, GigglingGoblin and a short list of other active authors whose work is an instant must read.

If you like what I like, you’ll like this story. Please let me know if you check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts! And, please let SoVeryFascinated know as well! I’d love to see more work from him and I’m sure some encouragement from happy readers couldn’t hurt.

Moving over to writing, I’ve circled back around to the project currently known as Pleasure Professionals. I say “currently” because it will almost certainly not bear that title in its final form.

The past two weeks have been both productive and frustrating with respect to this project. As I’ve talked about previously, I’ve started and restarted this story multiple times, and each pass has been wildly different from the others.

I’ve recently come to realize what the fundamental problem has been in this process. In my initial story concept, I’d imagined a secretly submissive business executive who hired a professional pleasure service to find her a discreet dominatrix, who then goes on to mind control the business exec.

Seems straightforward enough. But maybe that was the issue? As I sat down to plot things out I just couldn’t find the drama. If the business exec is already submissive and already submitting to the domme who later brainwashes her… has the character really been changed all that much by the mind control?

Perhaps a better author than I am could have a field day with it but as I wrote draft after draft I had to stop and admit that my concept was not working. I gave myself permission to abandon my original idea and go wherever I needed to with the story.

I spoke with some author friends and did a bit of brainstorming. I wrote a new outline that had the drama I’d been missing. I wrote a treatment and started to get excited. Then, I made the mistake of digging through my pics folder and realized I had no photo assets, whatsoever, to support this new version.

Back to the drawing board.

I stared at a blank page (phone screen) for three days straight (in between massive amounts of the freelance work I mentioned at the top) trying to have an idea that would work for the photos I’d already collected and satisfy the drama quota I’d set for myself.

And then, I had an idea. Just a little spark of inspiration about the relationship between the two main characters. But that character dynamic immediately suggested a plot point. And that idea would require a certain kind of set up early in the story to pay off later. Suddenly, the flood gates opened and the ideas began pouring through.

I took an hour long break from freelance stuff and wrote a nearly three thousand word outline containing every idea I’d had in this brainstorming session. The next day, during another hour long break, I rewrote the outline. This time with an eye on structure and pacing.

Then I wrote it one more time, as a sort of question and answer exercise to map out the various plot points I would set up and pay off. Along the way, the characters have solidified in my imagination and the themes have risen out of the ideas on the page.

Last night I sat down and wrote a thousand words or so. It’s a first draft and it definitely needs refinement but I’m very pleased with it. I finally feel like I’m on a path that will lead to this project getting finished.

As for the photo work, I don’t quite know how I’m going to pull it off. But, I feel confident enough in my abilities that I can create what needs to be seen. It might not be as straightforward as I’d prefer but if I’m challenging myself with the writing, why not challenge myself with the manip work as well?

The one thing I’m not going to do is give up on this one. In fact, now I’ve really got a fire beneath me to see it finished. I think I’ll go work on it now!

See you next time.


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    Yes, based on your comments, I took a look at the works. ‘Glass Wall’ is excellent and I’ll be sending the author a thank you note.

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    Hello, and I admit I’ve stumbled on your blog a bit by accident, though I’ve heard your name before from following Tabico from time to time. That’s not why I commented here, though. I’m commenting because your thoughts about “Kat and Mouse” are SO in agreement with mine, I’d been one of those who occasionally lurked on EMCSA and found the occasional story I liked while hoping to find something new and fun. And without intending to offend anyone or all the hard work all of the writers do, I have to say that “Kat and Mouse” is one of the best short stories of any kind I’ve read … ever. Following it serially from week to week was both exhilarating and terrifying, I loved everything about this story, the characters, the plot, the way that (healthy or not) I just couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. Thank you for mentioning it, like you I’d love nothing more than to think that he’ll write more!

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      Very glad to hear you found way your way to my neck of the woods, welcome!

      I totally agree with you, as well! Following the story serially was something special. As I said in a recent email to SoVeryFascinated, the story doesn’t just tell itself. It also lives on in the imagination and rewards further contemplation by giving all these peaks down side streets and alleyways of things that could happen around its edges and beyond its conclusion.

      You can’t help but think about the what-if’s and the what-might-be’s and so on. And that ending! I’m not going to spoil it here just yet but it felt exactly as I’d hoped without being predictable in the least. Really terrific stuff.

      Happy to hear from another fan of this great story and I hope you’ll drop in again sometime!

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        Hello and see? I did drop by again ‘sometime’ and loved your comment about this story living on in the imagination. Like most stories or books I’ve ever really liked, this one left me with what I’d call a ‘hangover,’ but the good kind, it’s just hard to get it off your mind because you’re following so many ‘what-if’s’ and ‘what-next’s’ that are just too enticing NOT to ponder. I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone either but it’s nice to chat with someone who’s also enjoyed it apparently as much as I did.

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    Very impressed with ‘Kat and Mouse’. It’s startling how well it is written, how deep and deftly the characters are rendered.

    I’m now a full-blown fan.

    Thanks again for the tip….and good luck with the project that has stymied you for so long.

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      Its pretty good isn’t it?! I’m so glad you checked it out Eye! Delighted to hear you enjoyed it as well.

      Thank you for the well-wishing. I’ve just been working on it actually. I’m feeling really good right now. I’ve managed to write my way out of a corner I was stuck in and now there’s two more little details to nail down. I’m feeling confident that I’ll be in good shape soon!

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    I’ve been sending fanmail since I read Kat and Mouse and I’m so glad to see one of my favourite creators putting another favourite creator in the spotlight!

    Really looking forward to the next piece Callidus!

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      Thank you very much! Its coming together as we speak. I’m happy with how the plot has shaped up and my most recent outline feels very solid to me. So, I’m just going to get back to finishing the first draft and see how that reads once I’m done.

      Excellent to hear about your love of Kat and Mouse! I think if you’re following this blog then we probably share some taste in certain strains of EMC erotica. That story is definitely giving me a sip of something I don’t get nearly as often as I’d like. I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed it as well.

      Thanks for your comment!

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