I just finished reading this article on a man who went to see a hypnotherapist to quit smoking. Before the session, the man mentions that he develops some type of rash around his neck whenever he wears a necklace. While he believes it to be nothing more than an allergic reaction, the therapist suggests they try past life regression. Lo and behold it turns out that the man spent a past life as a ruffian (and braggart I’ll wager) who clubbed someone over the head, took their money and was subsequently hanged for it. I guess after a few reincarnated lifetimes, he’s still feels a bit dodgy about wearing anything resembling a six-coil necklace.

The guy in question says that the rash hasn’t returned since his regression with the therapist and that he’s really become a “believer” after a lifetime of skepticism regarding the supernatural. Ironically, though, he’s not been able to quit smoking. I don’t know if that’s his subconscious playing “pick your battles” or what, but I think its hysterical. Not that I think hypnosis failed in this regard, I just think smoking is one of those things that you’ve really got to quit yourself, no one can quit it for you. Still, this is like the therapeutic equivalent of taking your car into a garage to have a broken tail light fixed and getting back a car with a brand new engine, drive train, and paint job. But that tail light…there’s just nothing we can do about that.

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