Greetings intrepid reader and welcome back! Well its been a busy year for me, but I’m here today to deliver some exciting news. I will soon be releasing a new video manip! Tabico and I have been hard at work on this creation and, I’m happy to report, its nearly ready to be released to the world-at-large.

Before that happens, however, we would like to do a little focus-testing, a beta-test if you will. We’d like to screen it for a small group of fellow-fetishists to get their feedback before it goes out to the general public.

So, to that end, I’m asking for volunteers. If you would like to get a sneak-peak at this new video project, use the Contact link to send me an email expressing your interest. The only caveat is that you must agree to provide your honest opinion on the film once you’ve had a chance to watch it.

It will be first-come-first-served to the first twelve people who get in touch. If you miss out on the beta-test group, don’t worry…you’ll get a chance to see it for yourself soon enough.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing from you!


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