Okay, I baited you with that title. Its a cheap ruse, I can admit it. But I promise you that if you walk through the curtain the result will be much closer to a man-eating-chicken, rather than a man…eating chicken.

So, just to be clear, I have not fallen under the irresistible spell of an online hypno domme. Rather, I want you to meet someone who has been a powerful presence in many of my manips and has been, exclusively, a figment of my imagination…until now.

During my recent in-person visit with thrall, she was kind enough to gift me a couple CDs filled with some of her favorite images. I think she probably had an inkling that I might find one or two (or seventy-three) that might make their way into a manip at some point down the road. As I was recently telling her, its been enormously fun to browse through these albums and try to put myself in her shoes. I look at an image and wonder to myself “If I were thrall, why would I save this one?” The eyes perhaps? The skin-tight latex (mmmmm)? The far-off look that just screams “mind control?”

There are plenty that have been flagged for manip-potential, but there’s one that I’d like to share today for a wholly different reason. So, here we have Morgana of Therondy in Velvet. Or at least, that’s who she claims to be in “real life”…whatever that is. In actuality (and by “actuality” I mean “my imagination”), she is the just-off-camera hypnodomme bending wills and enthralling pets in countless manips that I have produced over the years.

Sometimes, the lady swinging the watch is already brought to life by another model in the source picture, but there’s also many times when my manips depict a woman succumbing to some unknown enchantress. In those cases, there’s always been a nameless antagonist that I’ve pictured in my head to draw inspiration from. Until I came across this picture in thrall’s treasure trove (three times fast), I didn’t realize she was an actual person.

Ms Morgana here is the absolute embodiment of this fictional Mistress that I’ve always imagined as the lady standing over the countless brain-smoothed women in my work. I mean its just absolutely uncanny how closely she matches what I’ve always seen in my head.

So, what specific qualities has this image dialed in for me? I like latex…a lot, I’m very fond of breasts (but aren’t we all?), and I love-love-love redheads. It doesn’t hurt that I’m quite a fan of black and green as a color combination and, I could be wrong, but I think her black-and-green corset is actually covered in a peacock pattern…that just happens to look like spirals.

So, this is pretty much the hottest woman imaginable for me.

That being the case, it follows that the most beautiful, seductive woman my imagination can conjure would be the one responsible for all the delicious nefarious deeds going on in my images.

There’s something else here that I want to mention, though I admit now it may seem a bit odd. You see, I’m also quite, quite fond of Morgana’s gloves. But, that’s the odd thing…I don’t really have a fetish for gloves. Or at least I didn’t use to.

I’ve mentioned my friend Alina a few times here. For those who don’t know, she was a dear friend who died several years ago. She was a fellow EMC fetishist who loved images of women smoking, shared my love for all things brainwashing, and also had a serious hot-spot…for opera gloves.

Now, when I first met her, I really hadn’t even considered that some people had a thing for gloves…it had just never occurred to me that it was a turn on for anyone. Alina quickly, and enthusiastically, schooled me on the matter. Thereafter, from time to time, I’d come across an image of a woman in long, black gloves and send it along to her with my best guess at what sort of noise she was going to make when she saw it; “eep”, “hrl!”, and “ohmyfuckingod!” were my running faves 🙂

While she was alive, and wholly because of her enthusiasm, I started to notice pictures of women wearing gloves. The odd part is that since she died, I don’t just notice gloves…they turn me on now too. Somehow or another, that little piece of her has rubbed off on me.

And that, my friends, is the cherry on top. This image would be an absolute ten without those deliciously long, luxuriously black, latex opera gloves winding their way up Morgana’s smooth arms. But you add them to the mix and this picture gets +1 louder.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Morgana…the Hypno Domme who goes to eleven 😉


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